• A Chef's Life -- S5 Ep3: Picking Peppers
    S5 Ep3: Picking Peppers
    Vivian visits Warren to pick from his prolific pepper patch.
  • A Chef's Life -- S5 Ep1: Tomatoes
    S5 Ep1: Tomatoes
    Vivian visits Warren's farm and discovers a wild tomato patch.
  • A Chef's Life -- S5 Ep4: The Pear Tree
    S5 Ep4: The Pear Tree
    Vivian and her family pluck pears from a tree that’s been in the family for ...
  • A Chef's Life -- S5 Ep2: Rattlesnake Beans
    S5 Ep2: Rattlesnake Beans
    Vivian visits an old friend to learn about this local favorite.
  • A Chef's Life -- S5 Ep6: Bourbon 101
    S5 Ep6: Bourbon 101
    Vivian heads to Kentucky for a primer on bourbon.
  • A Chef's Life -- S5 Ep7: Picking Persimmons
    S5 Ep7: Picking Persimmons
    On a short hiatus from the book tour, Vivian takes the twins to pick persimmons ...
  • A Chef's Life -- S4 Ep4: Cabbage
    S4 Ep4: Cabbage
    Vivian visits Sam Jones at the famous Skylight Inn to talk cabbage and see how ...
  • A Chef's Life -- S4 Ep3: Peas
    S4 Ep3: Peas
    Vivian explores the origins of dried peas and their place in Southern food ...
  • A Chef's Life -- S4 Ep2: Watermelon
    S4 Ep2: Watermelon
    While watermelon isn't something we typically think of cooking with, chef Vivian ...
  • A Chef's Life -- S4 Ep1: Spring Onions
    S4 Ep1: Spring Onions
    Vivian loves spring onions and shows how she plans to use them in an upcoming ...
  • A Chef's Life -- S4: How to Steam
    S4: How to Steam
    Vivian demonstrates the keys to properly steam food like a professional chef.
  • A Chef's Life -- S4: How to Sweat
    S4: How to Sweat
    Learn how to sweat vegetables and why its the foundation for so many recipes.
  • A Chef's Life -- S4: How to Sauté
    S4: How to Sauté
    Chef VIvian Howard shows how to properly sauté, a technique many people misuse.
  • A Chef's Life -- S4: How to Sear
    S4: How to Sear
    Searing, or browning meat, is an important step in properly cooking flavorful ...
  • A Chef's Life -- S4: How to Supreme
    S4: How to Supreme
    Learn why supreming citrus is Chef Vivian Howard's zen technique.
  • A Chef's Life -- S4: How to Stew
    S4: How to Stew
    Stewing is a technique that is often confused. Learn how to make a proper stew.
  • A Chef's Life -- S4: How to Poach
    S4: How to Poach
    Poaching is a commonly heard technique, but not one that many people try. Learn ...
  • A Chef's Life -- S4: How to Broil
    S4: How to Broil
    Broiling was big in the 80s. See why Vivian Howard thinks we should bring it ...
  • A Chef's Life -- S4: How to Braise
    S4: How to Braise
    Braising has become an increasingly popular way to cook meat. Learn the keys to ...
  • A Chef's Life -- S4: How to Grill
    S4: How to Grill
    You can grill almost anything, even inside. Learn how to grill the right way.
  • A Chef's Life -- S4: How to Roast
    S4: How to Roast
    When you roast, you cook in the dry heat of an oven. Find out what else you need ...