• American Experience -- The Contract from Tesla
    S29 E7: The Contract from Tesla
    In Nikola Tesla's original contract with George Westinghouse, the inventor was ...
  • American Experience -- Interview Hampton Sides
    S22 E7: Interview Hampton Sides
    Interview with Hampton Sides, Author of "Hellhound on His Trail: The Stalking of ...
  • American Experience -- Triangle Fire: Chapter 1
    S23 E7: Triangle Fire: Chapter 1
    Watch Chapter 1 of Triangle Fire.
  • American Experience -- On the Road to Hell
    S22 E6: On the Road to Hell
    My Lai: In the Vietnam War, military leaders failed to give moral guidance to ...
  • American Experience -- When Should a Soldier Say No?
    S22 E6: When Should a Soldier Say No?
    When should a soldier refuse to follow orders? The 1968 attack of My Lai pushed ...
  • American Experience -- Merely Following Orders?
    S22 E6: Merely Following Orders?
    Lieutenant William Calley's 1971 conviction for crimes committed during the My ...
  • American Experience -- The My Lai Massacre: A National Shame
    S22 E6: The My Lai Massacre: A National Shame
    Learning about My Lai changed American opinions about the Vietnam War. Was the ...
  • American Experience -- Sculpting a National Monument
    S14 E4: Sculpting a National Monument
    The Borglum family archives include some historic home movies, early color films ...
  • American Experience -- The Rockefellers Chapter One
    S13 E1: The Rockefellers Chapter One
    John D. Rockefeller was the world's first billionaire and the most hated man in ...
  • American Experience -- Rockefellers at Play
    S13 E1: Rockefellers at Play
    Home videos of Rockefeller family members at the family estate -- playing in the ...
  • American Experience -- Attica Prison Riot
    S13 E1: Attica Prison Riot
    Robert Douglass served as Counsel and later Secretary to Governor Nelson ...
  • American Experience -- Paul Krugman Interview
    S13 E1: Paul Krugman Interview
    In this exclusive interview, Princeton economist and New York Times columnist ...