• Tavis Smiley -- Autism & animal welfare activist Temple Grandin
    Autism & animal welfare activist Temple ...
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    Actress Toni Collette
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    TransAfrica president Nicole Lee
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  • Tavis Smiley -- Former U.S. ambassador to South Africa James A. Joseph
    Former U.S. ambassador to South Africa ...
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    Attorney-author Rawn James, Jr.
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    Saxophonist Dave Koz
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    FealGood Foundation’s John Feal
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    Latin America expert Shannon O’Neil
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    Musician Robert Randolph
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    Mental health expert Dr. Lloyd Sederer
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    Novelist Khaled Hosseini
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    Former U.S. senator Olympia Snowe
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    Trumpeter-composer Terence Blanchard
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    Science journalist Dan Fagin
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    Economist Peter Blair Henry
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