• Tavis Smiley -- Glen Hansard - Web Exclusive
    Glen Hansard - Web Exclusive
    The Oscar-winning singer-songwriter performs "Love Don't Leave Me Waiting" in ...
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    Michael Sandel - Web Exclusive
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    Magic Johnson
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    Sean Parnell
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    Meat Loaf - Web Exclusive
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    Jay Roach
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    Steven Van Zandt on Whitney Houston
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    Suze Orman
    Personal finance expert Suze Orman addresses the latest unemployment numbers.
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    Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer
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    Internet activist Wael Ghonim
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    Seal on His Separation
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    Seal comments on Super Bowl 2012 - Web ...
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    Sean Penn
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    Sean Penn on Haiti
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    Documentary filmmaker Carl Colby - WEB ...
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    Novelist Jackie Collins Clip
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    NBA legend Jerry West Clip
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    Musician-producer Nile Rodgers Clip
    The founder of the R&B group Chic discusses some of his biggest musical hits.
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    Comedian-actor Billy Gardell Clip
    The "Mike & Molly" star explains the hit TV show's simple message.
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    Actor Antonio Banderas
    The award-winning actor talks about being comfortable in his own skin.
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    Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez Clip
    Sheen explains how the industry has challenged his faith.