• The Art Assignment -- Why Murals?
    S2 E43: Why Murals?
    Today we're going to continue our discussion of public art, this time focusing ...
    Air Date 9/22/2016
  • The Art Assignment -- Body in Place - Maria Gaspar
    S2 E42: Body in Place - Maria Gaspar
    This week we meet with Maria Gaspar, an artist deeply invested in her community ...
    Air Date 9/18/2016
  • The Art Assignment -- The Case for Minimalism
    S2 E41: The Case for Minimalism
    You've probably seen a few cubes sitting in an art gallery and questioned why ...
    Air Date 9/15/2016
  • The Art Assignment -- Combinatory Play - Pablo Helguera
    S3 E13: Combinatory Play - Pablo Helguera
    This week we meet Pablo Helguera, an artist, museum educator, and writer, at the ...
    Air Date 9/15/2016
  • The Art Assignment -- Art Hotline
    S2 E39: Art Hotline
    This week we channel Drake and answer your questions from our art hotline. Keep ...
    Air Date 9/11/2016
  • The Art Assignment -- The Case for Performance Art
    S3 E12: The Case for Performance Art
    Dubious of performance art? Break into a cold sweat when you realize it’s ...
    Air Date 9/8/2016
  • The Art Assignment -- Art Trip: Chicago
    S2 E38: Art Trip: Chicago
    In which we explore our neighboring city of Chicago, film with two local ...
    Air Date 9/8/2016
  • The Art Assignment -- Blow Up - Assaf Evron
    S2 E37: Blow Up - Assaf Evron
    This week we visit Assaf Evron in Chicago to consider how photography can help ...
    Air Date 9/4/2016
  • The Art Assignment -- The Muster Highlights
    S2 E36: The Muster Highlights
    This week we let your responses speak for themselves and present some of the ...
    Air Date 9/1/2016
  • The Art Assignment -- The Case for Yoko Ono
    S2 E35: The Case for Yoko Ono
    Yoko Ono was an established artist before most of the world heard of her in ...
    Air Date 8/28/2016
  • The Art Assignment -- Vanessa Hill of BrainCraft
    S3 E11: Vanessa Hill of BrainCraft
    We interview the remarkable Vanessa Hill, creator of BrainCraft, a production of ...
    Air Date 8/25/2016
  • The Art Assignment -- Public Art Study: Fred Wilson's E Pluribus Unum
    S2 E34: Public Art Study: Fred Wilson's E Pluribus Unum
    What is public art? Who funds it, owns it, and shapes it? Who does it serve? And ...
    Air Date 8/25/2016
  • The Art Assignment -- Copy a Copy a Copy - Molly Springfield
    S2 E33: Copy a Copy a Copy - Molly Springfield
    This week we meet D.C. based artist Molly Springfield. Molly's graphite drawings ...
    Air Date 8/21/2016
  • The Art Assignment -- Art Trip: Washington D.C.
    S2 E32: Art Trip: Washington D.C.
    In which we explore Washington, DC's vast and diverse collection of landmarks, ...
    Air Date 8/18/2016
  • The Art Assignment -- Caption Contest - David Rathman
    S2 E31: Caption Contest - David Rathman
    David Rathman’s paintings pair atmospheric landscapes with carefully selected ...
    Air Date 8/14/2016
  • The Art Assignment -- Exquisite Corpse - Hugo Crosthwaite
    S3 E9: Exquisite Corpse - Hugo Crosthwaite
    This week we come to you from Rosarito, Mexico AND Chicago, IL to bring you an ...
    Air Date 8/11/2016
  • The Art Assignment -- The Case For Kanye
    S2 E30: The Case For Kanye
    Kanye West was given an honorary doctorate from the School of the Art Institute ...
    Air Date 8/11/2016
  • The Art Assignment -- Constructed Landscape - Paula McCartney
    S2 E29: Constructed Landscape - Paula McCartney
    This week’s assignment comes from artist Paula McCartney, whose work explores ...
    Air Date 8/7/2016
  • The Art Assignment -- Embarrassing Object Empathy
    S3 E8: Embarrassing Object Empathy
    This week we share some of your excellent responses to two assignments -- Geof ...
    Air Date 8/4/2016
  • The Art Assignment -- Art Trip: Twin Cities
    S2 E28: Art Trip: Twin Cities
    In which we explore a few of Minnesota's many fantastic art offerings. Let's ...
    Air Date 7/31/2016
  • The Art Assignment -- News Photographer - Alec Soth
    S2 E40: News Photographer - Alec Soth
    Alec Soth is a photographer who works on large-scale projects that play with the ...
    Air Date 7/28/2016