• Tavis Smiley -- Institute for America's Future founder Robert Borosage
    Institute for America's Future founder ...
    Tavis talks with the founder and president of the Institute for America's Future ...
    Air Date 10/31/2011
  • Tavis Smiley -- Actress Laura Dern
    Actress Laura Dern
    Tavis talks with the Oscar-nominated actress about her HBO series, Enlightened, ...
    Air Date 10/31/2011
  • Tavis Smiley -- Novelist Jackie Collins
    Novelist Jackie Collins
    The best-selling novelist author discusses her new book Goddess of Vengeance.
    Air Date 10/30/2011
  • Tavis Smiley -- NBA legend Jerry West
    NBA legend Jerry West
    The Basketball Hall of Famer shares stories from his memoir, West by West: My ...
    Air Date 10/27/2011
  • Tavis Smiley -- Law professor Anita Hill
    Law professor Anita Hill
    Law professor reflects on the 20 years since her testimony in Justice Clarence ...
    Air Date 10/26/2011
  • Tavis Smiley -- Musician-producer Nile Rodgers
    Musician-producer Nile Rodgers
    Multiple Grammy winner shares the backstory of his hit song "Le Freak" and talks ...
    Air Date 10/25/2011
  • Tavis Smiley -- "NYT" exec editor Jill Abramson
    "NYT" exec editor Jill Abramson
    The new executive editor of The New York Times discusses her plans for one of ...
    Air Date 10/24/2011
  • Tavis Smiley -- Olympic medalist John Carlos
    Olympic medalist John Carlos
    The controversial Olympian discusses his memoir, The John Carlos Story: The ...
    Air Date 10/24/2011
  • Tavis Smiley -- Writer Nomi Prins
    Writer Nomi Prins
    Demos senior fellow and Black Tuesday author explains how similar America's ...
    Air Date 10/23/2011
  • Tavis Smiley -- Comedian-actor Billy Gardell
    Comedian-actor Billy Gardell
    Mike & Molly star discusses the show's success and explains why the audience ...
    Air Date 10/23/2011
  • Tavis Smiley -- Neurosurgeon Dr. Alfredo Quinones-Hinjosa
    Neurosurgeon Dr. Alfredo ...
    The author of Becoming Dr. Q: My Journey from Migrant Farm Worker to Brain ...
    Air Date 10/20/2011
  • Tavis Smiley -- Actor Zachary Quinto
    Actor Zachary Quinto
    The talented actor of Heroes fame discusses his latest star vehicle, the feature ...
    Air Date 10/20/2011
  • Tavis Smiley -- Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez
    Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez
    Father-son actors discuss their latest collaboration, The Way, and Estevez ...
    Air Date 10/19/2011
  • Tavis Smiley -- Actor Antonio Banderas
    Actor Antonio Banderas
    The star of The Skin I Live In and Puss in Boots explains how he came to be an ...
    Air Date 10/18/2011
  • Tavis Smiley -- Award-winning actress Stockard Channing
    Award-winning actress Stockard Channing
    Tony- and Emmy-winning actress talks about her role in the stage production ...
    Air Date 10/17/2011
  • Tavis Smiley -- Author Michael Lewis
    Author Michael Lewis
    Financial journalist and best-selling writer discusses his new text, Boomerang: ...
    Air Date 10/17/2011
  • Tavis Smiley -- The Poverty Tour Part 5
    The Poverty Tour Part 5
    The last night of discussions on poverty in America The Fight of the Poor ...
    Air Date 10/16/2011
  • Tavis Smiley -- Sojourners magazine Jim Wallis
    Sojourners magazine Jim Wallis
    In the last night of discussions on poverty in America the president CEO of ...
    Air Date 10/16/2011
  • Tavis Smiley -- Economist Jeffrey Sachs
    Economist Jeffrey Sachs
    The noted economist, director of Columbia's Earth Institute and co-founder of ...
    Air Date 10/13/2011
  • Tavis Smiley -- The Poverty Tour - Part 4
    The Poverty Tour - Part 4
    Part 4 of this special series on poverty, "Nothing Moves Without Us," examines ...
    Air Date 10/13/2011
  • Tavis Smiley -- HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius
    HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius
    The Secretary of Health and Human Services identifies what the current ...
    Air Date 10/12/2011