• NOVA -- Solar Power
    Solar Power
    How can we convert the Sun’s light and heat into energy we can use?
  • NOVA -- Toward a Smarter Grid
    Toward a Smarter Grid
    What can be done to make the power grid more reliable and efficient?
  • NOVA -- Wind Power
    Wind Power
    Modern wind turbines capture energy from the wind and convert it into ...
  • NOVA -- Energy Defined
    Energy Defined
    What is energy and why are we on a never ending search for new energy sources?
  • NOVA -- NOVA Elements iPad App
    NOVA Elements iPad App
    Explore an interactive periodic table, play an elemental game, and watch the ...
  • NOVA -- Light My Fire
    Light My Fire
    What do you get when you introduce a chunk of Sodium to a Bunsen burner? ...
  • NOVA -- The Higgs Particle Matters
    The Higgs Particle Matters
    Learn how Peter Higgs' ideas about matter transformed our understanding of ...
  • NOVA -- The Making of the
    The Making of the
    Take a behind-the-scenes look at this animated scene from "The Fabric of the ...
  • NOVA -- Finding Earth-Like Planets
    Finding Earth-Like Planets
    Learn how to find signs of extraterrestrial life in our galaxy without leaving ...
  • NOVA -- An Interview With Steve Jobs
    An Interview With Steve Jobs
    Watch a rare interview with the late Apple visionary, conducted in 1990.
  • NOVA -- Heisenberg Humor
    Heisenberg Humor
    Quantum mechanics is nothing to laugh at. Well, sometimes it is.
  • NOVA -- Reflections on the 9/11 Memorial
    Reflections on the 9/11 Memorial
    Visitors to the newly opened 9/11 memorial share their impressions.
  • NOVA -- The Spacetime Lemonade Stand
    The Spacetime Lemonade Stand
    Thirsty for understanding? See how well people on the street can explain ...
  • NOVA -- Rebuilding 7 World Trade Center
    Rebuilding 7 World Trade Center
    Developer Larry Silverstein explains what's different about the new 7 World ...
  • NOVA -- Solving an Engineering Problem
    Solving an Engineering Problem
    Bracing One World Trade Center's steel frame led to some unexpected perks at the ...
  • NOVA -- The Memorial Plaques
    The Memorial Plaques
    Visit the factory where the 9/11 Memorial plaques are made.
  • NOVA -- The 9/11 Memorial Mock-Up
    The 9/11 Memorial Mock-Up
    Architect and designer Michael Arad takes us on a tour of his 9/11 Memorial ...
  • NOVA -- Walls of Glass
    Walls of Glass
    One World Trade Center's glass facade may look fragile, but it is ...
  • NOVA -- Brian Greene Answers Your Questions
    Brian Greene Answers Your Questions
    Brian Greene, author and host of NOVA's "The Fabric of the Cosmos," answers ...
  • NOVA -- Green Energy in China
    Green Energy in China
    China is ramping up production of solar technology but coal power remains king.
  • NOVA -- A Strict Carbon Diet
    A Strict Carbon Diet
    Inventor and engineer Saul Griffith has put himself and his family on a strict ...