• American Experience -- S27 Ep7: The Station House was in Darkness, From Blackout
    S27 Ep7: The Station House was in ...
    While workers at Consolidated Edison electric company scrambled to restart their ...
  • American Experience -- S27 Ep7: Where did Brooklyn go? From Blackout
    S27 Ep7: Where did Brooklyn go? From ...
    Watch the first three minutes of Blackout, premiering July 14 at 9/8c on PBS, ...
  • American Experience -- "I Had Lost Everything"
    "I Had Lost Everything"
    Kiem Do, a colonel in the South Vietnamese Navy, remembers the solemn ...
  • American Experience -- "A Terrible Moral Dilemma"
    "A Terrible Moral Dilemma"
    Col. Stuart Herrington recalls the struggle of members of the South Vietnamese ...
  • American Experience -- "What Would Happen to Them?"
    "What Would Happen to Them?"
    After the Fall of Saigon, Dam Pham and other South Vietnamese soldiers wondered ...
  • American Experience -- "A Sea of Humanity"
    "A Sea of Humanity"
    News footage shows the panic permeating South Vietnam leading up to the Fall of ...
  • American Experience -- "We Had Deserted Them"
    "We Had Deserted Them"
    Journalist Jim Laurie recalls the looting that took place after the last U.S. ...
  • American Experience -- "Dead Men Walking"
    "Dead Men Walking"
    Col. Stuart Herrington and other Black Ops took matters in their own hands to ...
  • American Experience -- "Option Four"
    "Option Four"
    After the shelling of Tan Son Nhut Airport by North Vietnamese troops, the U.S. ...
  • American Experience -- "Chaos Had Descended"
    "Chaos Had Descended"
    When news got out that the Americans were leaving Saigon, thousands of South ...
  • American Experience -- "We were the last eleven"
    "We were the last eleven"
    As North Vietnamese tanks rolled into Saigon, eleven U.S. Marines found ...
  • American Experience -- "One Helicopter at a Time"
    "One Helicopter at a Time"
    With so many South Vietnamese helicopters landing on the USS Kirk, the crew had ...
  • American Experience -- "Like Something Out of Exodus"
    "Like Something Out of Exodus"
    Richard Armitage and the U.S. Navy escorted the seaworthy vessels of the ...
  • American Experience -- "We Jumped Out"
    "We Jumped Out"
    When a South Vietnamese helicopter was too large to land on the US Navy ship, ...
  • American Experience -- "Desperate Eyes"
    "Desperate Eyes"
    South Vietnamese veteran Dam Pham and U.S. Army veteran Stuart Herrington ...
  • American Experience -- Why We Made Last Days in Vietnam
    Why We Made Last Days in Vietnam
    American Experience Executive Producer, Mark Samels, discusses why the events ...
  • American Experience -- Last Days in Vietnam, Chapter 1
    Last Days in Vietnam, Chapter 1
    In 1973, U.S. troops had begun to withdraw from Vietnam after the signing of the ...
  • American Experience -- The Marine Guard's Story
    The Marine Guard's Story
    Marine Guard Juan Valdez was one of the last left waiting for evacuation from ...
  • American Experience -- Armitage's Story
    Armitage's Story
    In April 1975, the Pentagon assigned Richard Armitage to remove or destroy South ...
  • American Experience -- The Pilot's Story
    The Pilot's Story
    Captain Gerald "Gerry" Berry was a helicopter pilot in the U.S. Marine Corps ...
  • American Experience -- The South Vietnamese Officer's Story
    The South Vietnamese Officer's Story
    In April 1975, Dam Pham was an Army Officer Lieutenant in the South Vietnamese ...