• POV -- Adoption Stories Trailer
    S23 E10: Adoption Stories Trailer
    POV presents three films about adoption this fall on PBS. The films include "Wo ...
  • POV -- The Edge of Dreaming - Trailer
    S23 E9: The Edge of Dreaming - Trailer
    When filmmaker Amy Hardie dreamed one night that her horse was dying, only to ...
  • POV -- SALT Trailer
    S23 E8: SALT Trailer
    In his search for "somewhere I could point my camera into pure space," ...
  • POV -- Presumed Guilty - Preview
    S23 E7: Presumed Guilty - Preview
    Follow the struggle of two young lawyers to free a man wrongfully convicted of ...
  • POV -- Presumed Guilty Trailer
    S23 E7: Presumed Guilty Trailer
    Imagine being picked up off the street, told you have committed a murder you ...
  • POV -- El General Trailer
    El General Trailer
    Past and present collide as filmmaker Natalia Almada brings to life audio ...
  • POV -- Good Fortune Trailer
    S23 E5: Good Fortune Trailer
    "Good Fortune" is a provocative exploration of how massive international efforts ...
  • POV -- Promised Land Trailer
    S23 E4: Promised Land Trailer
    Though apartheid ended in South Africa in 1994, economic injustices between ...
  • POV -- The Beaches of Agnes Trailer
    S23 E3: The Beaches of Agnes Trailer
    In this delightful memoir, award-winning French filmmaker Agnes Varda employs ...
  • POV -- Season 23 Preview
    Season 23 Preview
    Celebrating our 23rd season on PBS in 2010, POV features the work of the best ...
  • POV -- William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe Trailer
    S23 E2: William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe Trailer
    In this intimate biography, Emily Kunstler and Sarah Kunstler seek to recover ...
  • POV -- Food, Inc. Trailer
    S23 E1: Food, Inc. Trailer
    2010 Oscar Nominee - Best Documentary Feature: In "Food, Inc.", filmmaker Robert ...
  • POV -- POV Announces Project VoiceScape
    POV Announces Project VoiceScape
    Project VoiceScape welcomes good ideas, films-in-progress or completed short ...
  • POV -- This Way Up - Trailer
    This Way Up - Trailer
    This is a story about a wall - the separations it's meant to enforce, and the ...
  • POV -- In the Family: Trailer
    S21 E12: In the Family: Trailer
    When Chicago filmmaker Joanna Rudnick tested positive for the "breast cancer ...
  • POV -- Traces of the Trade: Trailer
    S21 E1: Traces of the Trade: Trailer
    First-time filmmaker Katrina Browne makes a troubling discovery — her New ...
  • POV -- Kokoyakyu: Trailer
    Kokoyakyu: Trailer
    In Japan, baseball is not a pastime it's a national obsession. Following two ...
  • POV -- Chisholm '72: Trailer
    Chisholm '72: Trailer
    In 1968, Shirley Chisholm becomes the first black woman elected to Congress. In ...
  • POV -- American Gypsy - Trailer
    S13 E7: American Gypsy - Trailer
    There are over one million Gypsies living in America today, and most people ...
  • POV -- Blacks and Jews: Trailer
    Blacks and Jews: Trailer
    Heading an African-American and Jewish production team, the filmmakers go behind ...
  • POV -- Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision - Trailer
    Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision - Trailer
    The Vietnam War Memorial was one of the most controversial monuments of its ...