• FRONTLINE -- A Death in Tehran
    S28 E5: A Death in Tehran
    The life and death of the woman whose image remains a potent symbol for those ...
    Air Date 11/17/2009
  • FRONTLINE -- Close to Home
    S28 E3: Close to Home
    Producer Ofra Bikel chronicles the recession's impact on one unlikely ...
    Air Date 10/27/2009
  • FRONTLINE -- The Warning
    S28 E2: The Warning
    Long before the economic meltdown, one woman tried to warn about the threat to ...
    Air Date 10/20/2009
  • FRONTLINE -- Obama's War
    S28 E1: Obama's War
    Can U.S. forces succeed in a land long known as the "graveyard of empires?"
    Air Date 10/13/2009
  • FRONTLINE -- Breaking the Bank
    S27 E15: Breaking the Bank
    The inside story of one of the most controversial moments in America's financial ...
    Air Date 6/30/2009
  • FRONTLINE -- The Madoff Affair
    S27 E14: The Madoff Affair
    Inside the world's first global Ponzi scheme - and how he got away with it for ...
    Air Date 5/13/2009
  • FRONTLINE -- The Released
    S27 E13: The Released
    What happens to the mentally ill when they leave America's prisons? Why do they ...
    Air Date 4/28/2009
  • FRONTLINE -- Poisoned Waters
    S27 E12: Poisoned Waters
    Investigating the dangerous new wave of pollutants entering our waterways and ...
    Air Date 4/21/2009
  • FRONTLINE -- Black Money
    S27 E11: Black Money
    FRONTLINE investigative correspondent Lowell Bergman examines the shadowy world ...
    Air Date 4/7/2009
  • FRONTLINE -- Sick Around America
    S27 E10: Sick Around America
    FRONTLINE travels the country examining the nation's broken health care system ...
    Air Date 3/31/2009
  • FRONTLINE -- Ten Trillion and Counting
    S27 E9: Ten Trillion and Counting
    How the economy went so bad, so fast and what Paulson and Bernanke didn't see, ...
    Air Date 3/24/2009
  • FRONTLINE -- Inside the Meltdown
    S27 E8: Inside the Meltdown
    How the economy went so bad, so fast and what Paulson and Bernanke didn't see, ...
    Air Date 2/17/2009
  • FRONTLINE -- My Father, My Brother, and Me
    S27 E7: My Father, My Brother, and Me
    Correspondent Dave Iverson's personal journey to understand Parkinson's, the ...
    Air Date 2/3/2009
  • FRONTLINE -- Dreams of Obama
    S27 E6: Dreams of Obama
    A rich personal and political biography of America's 44th president and what has ...
    Air Date 1/20/2009
  • FRONTLINE -- The War Briefing
    S27 E2: The War Briefing
    Can the war in Afghanistan be won? A hard, inside look at the real policy ...
    Air Date 1/12/2009
  • FRONTLINE -- The Choice 2008
    S27 E1: The Choice 2008
    This two-hour program examines the rich personal and political biographies of ...
    Air Date 1/12/2009
  • FRONTLINE -- Young & Restless in China
    S26 E14: Young & Restless in China
    A remarkably intimate look into the lives of nine young Chinese coming of age in ...
    Air Date 1/9/2009
  • FRONTLINE -- Bad Voodoo's War
    S26 E10: Bad Voodoo's War
    FRONTLINE captures the realities of war through a "virtual embed" with a ...
    Air Date 1/9/2009
  • FRONTLINE -- The Old Man and the Storm
    S27 E5: The Old Man and the Storm
    The compelling saga of one family's efforts to rebuild their homes, and their ...
    Air Date 1/6/2009
  • FRONTLINE -- The Hugo Chavez Show
    S27 E4: The Hugo Chavez Show
    Controversial, bombastic, he believes he is destined to change Venezuela and the ...
    Air Date 11/25/2008
    S26 E13: HEAT
    A far-reaching investigation into America's energy landscape and what can be ...
    Air Date 10/21/2008