The Community Champion project is an opportunity for PBS SoCaL to recognize individuals and/or organizations that make an extraordinary impact on the lives of others through their everyday efforts, within our diverse Southern California communities.

This is a way to bring to the forefront the extraordinary impact of ordinary people who care to give of themselves, their talents, their knowledge and passion to impact the world. Each month we will acknowledge their contribution with the production of a 2:00 minute spot and a 30 second "highlight or sizzle" spot culled from the 2:00 spot. The 2:00 minute spot will air each month on both our PBS SoCaL channel and the PBS SoCaL Plus Channel, and will be predominantly available on our website. Based upon the honoree’s community impact we will also be able to coincide the airing with many of our Cultural Heritage months.

Corporate sponsorship opportunities are available for this project and the development of an annual PBS SoCaL Community Champions recognition luncheon, where each Community Champion honoree will receive a unique award for their contributions to our Southern California communities.

Each year, these 12 2-minute spots will be tied together to make a half hour program that we could air repeatedly during the subsequent year.


Each month PBS SoCaL is seeking nominations for unsung Community Champions from our Southern California broadcast area. We are interested in individuals who have demonstrated leadership and a strong commitment to community service in one of the following areas; Arts, Business, Education, Social Services or Community Activism and Civic Engagement. If you would like to nominate an individual or non - profit in your area, please submit the Community Champions Nomination Form to


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