100 Days of School!

Posted by Steven Parker on

Last week, PBS SoCaL celebrated the 100th Day of School with Carson Street Elementary School and Project Access in Fullerton. Over 250 students and parents joined PBS SoCaL over the two events to celebrate the amazing accomplishment of reaching 100 days in school! And what better way to celebrate such a momentus occasion than with the spectacular Peg+Cat? Peg and her genius Cat use their math and counting skills to solve really big problems like cleaning up a messy room, or wrangling in 100 loose chickens. 100!


PBS SoCaL brought Peg + Cat resources and activities to Project Access and Carson Street Elementary, all designed around addition, subtraction, and counting to 100 by tens and ones.  

In the Giant Pizza Party activity children and parents put their counting, addition, and subtraction skills to the test by making thier very own pizza. Students had even more fun with the number 100 by grouping objects into groups of 10 to get to 100.

Then everyone worked together to count from 1 all the way to 100! The day ended with parents and students checking out the new Peg+Cat Big Gig app on the iPad. You can celebrate 100 with even more Peg + Cat 100th Day of School activities and resources, too.