Are You a Nature Tracker?

Posted by Alyssa Torrez on

What is a Nature Tracker? Nature is the natural physical world including plants, animals and landscapes and tracking means the act or process of following something or someone. That means a Nature Tracker is someone who explores the world around us. And who better to help us discover the world around us than Buddy the Dinosaur and his friends from Dinosaur Train?


Buddy, Tiny, Shiny, and Don formed the Nature Trackers Club and you can join, too! Nature Trackers enjoy exploring and having adventures, respecting their environment, and collecting things.  Nature Trackers even enjoy tracking and observing plants and animals, and challenging themselves to get outside and make discoveries every day. The summer may be coming to an end, but you can still become a Nature Tracker (if you are not one already) and get outside to explore. Science is everywhere outdoors and the Nature Trackers Club makes it easy for parents and fun for kids through a series of monthly challenges. All the challenges fall into one of four themes: Tracking, Collecting, Conservation, & Community.

You can complete monthly Nature Trackers activities like the “Ant and Anthills” challenge! Spend some time outside looking for and observing ants, then record your findings with the worksheet. You can also find all of the past Nature Trackers activities on the Nature Trackers website to keep exploring all year long!

The Nature Trackers website also has plenty of additional resources to get you outside. You can sing aloud with the Nature Trackers song or print your very own family Nature Trackers Guide Book.

Parents can join the Nature Trackers newsletter for updates and new monthly challenges and kids can fill out a Nature Trackers membership form and receive a special member card in the mail.

Get up, get outside, and get into nature!