Bill Nye the Science Guy!

Posted by Alyssa Torrez on

When I think about science, I immediately think back to the 4th grade when we watched Bill Nye the Science Guy in class to learn about electricity. Now that I’m older and working in education (and at PBS, no less) this childhood classic means more than catchy songs and funny skits.

Bill Nye is all about making science easy and accessible for everyone. And this was exactly the topic of the “Explorations in Citizen Science” Symposium at California State University, Fullerton last week. Citizen science can be simply defined as the involvement of non-scientists in the scientific process.

When asked about the importance of science in education, Bill responded "It's important for everyone to realize...that about half of what you learn about science, especially elementary science, comes outside of the classroom. So that's where we can invest in educating our scientists of tomorrow." He even reminded everyone to "Watch PBS of course!" Bill has recognized what many of us here have recognized, that science should be a part of the everyday lives of children.

We, like Bill Nye the Science Guy, strive to bring science resources to youth of all ages, wherever they are, in the home or in the classroom. From preschoolers with Sid the Science Kid to middle schoolers with Design Squad and beyond with PBS LearningMedia, together we can make science fun and accessible to parents, teachers and kids of all ages. 


Meeting a childhood icon is always a surreal experience, but Bill Nye the Science Guy is as good at getting me excited about science now, as he was then. And with messages like "Be optimistic, we have to change the world," how can you not be excited?