Brand New Episode of Learning Time - Forces and Motion

Posted by Nicole Bailey on

Force and motion are fun and easy science concepts for children to work with and understand. When you talk to your kids about forces and motion, you are teaching them the basics of physics.
In this brand new episode of Learning Time, you can use this simple “roll or slide” activity to demonstrate these concepts. 

Create a ramp with a stack of books and ask your child if they think different kinds of toys will roll or slide down your homemade ramp. This experiment also allows you to introduce the word “hypothesis” into your little learner’s vocabulary. You can explain that their guess on whether or not the object will “roll or slide” is called a hypothesis. A hypothesis is a guess we make about the results of an experiment before the experiment has been carried out.

Forces and motion create a unique learning opportunity, and your child can investigate these ideas further with Super Grover 2.0