Career Spotlight: Animation and Editing

Posted by Kellee Wallace on

Today we are going to talk about how one man turned his two passions, art and movies, into a career. Who doesn’t love art and movies, right?! Adamn Hernandez, PBS SoCaL’s Animator/Assistant Editor, did just that. How did he do it you might ask? Well, ever since he was a kid, he has always wondered how movies were made. I think we all may have wondered this at some point. To find out, Adamn turned to art school. Because of his talent he received a scholarship to attend the Art Institute of Orange County. While there, Adamn earned his Bachelor of Science in Motion Graphics and Visual Effects and learned valuable technical skills such as working with Adobe Suite and how to story board (visually drawing out each frame of the production).

He got the chance to work with PBS SoCaL when a professor of his partnered with the station on a creative project for his class. From there, Adamn was chosen as an intern in the production department. They liked his work so much that they used him on a freelance basis until they finally hired him part time, and then full time. One of the projects Adamn has a lot of fun working on is a YouTube series called Learning Time featuring Education Manager, Alyssa Torrez.

Beginning to end, Adamn is involved in all aspects of the production from brainstorming, to story boarding, and even attending each video shoot in order to get the shots he needs for editing later. In post-production, he uses Adobe Suite and other editing software to piece together the story shots based on the script. He then edits out imperfections, as well as adds any graphics needed to make the production really pop! Finally, the video is ready to post.

Sounds easy peasy, right? Well, working in animation and editing sounds way easier than it looks, but there is actually a lot of hard work involved. However, don’t get discouraged if this may be a career choice you want to make. Adamn says the best way to combat any discouragement is to just stay motivated and dedicated to your craft. He goes on to say, "when you love what you do, it will show through in the final product, and the work won’t seem so hard."

To learn more about how animation works, you can visit PBS Learning Media to watch related videos. If you’d like to check out Adamn’s work, be sure to visit and subscribe to the PBS SoCaL Learning Time channel on YouTube. Thanks for reading!