Career Spotlight: It's All Art!

Posted by Kellee Wallace on

Art is an important part of everything we experience on a daily basis. Those ads you see in magazines, that brochure you were handed while walking in the mall, and even that Mc Donald’s cup you’re drinking from; it all has some form of art incorporated into it. But, who are the people who came up with those concepts? How do they get that sweet gig?  I wanted to know, so to find out I talked with our Art Director, Wayne Todd.



Wayne has an awesome job that combines his talent, his love of art, and creative nature into a career that he is amazing at and very proud of. However, he didn’t start out to pursue a career in art. It was only while he was working in a warehouse that he decided to go to art school at Platt College in Newport Beach. There he earned a degree in Visual Communication and studied graphic design. After graduation Wayne took various agency gigs designing business cards, brochures, ads, etc. until one day he answered an ad in the paper and became a part of the PBS SoCaL family.

His advice to those of you who are looking to make a career out of art, “Pay attention and ask lots of questions. I hung around with the best students and bugged the best artists for advice.” He also says, “Understand that your A’s aren’t going to get you a job. Your knowledge is.” Thank you, Wayne, for a glimpse into your career path.

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