Career Spotlight: Let Me Facebook This

Posted by Kellee Wallace on

Social media; it’s an activity that millions of people all over the world indulge in.  We do it every day on our smartphones, tablets, iPads, and computers. It’s a revolution of how we communicate with one another and the world at large. It’s growing in leaps and bounds; the sky's the limit. Some ingenious people have even become internet stars thanks to YouTube, i.e. Rosanna Pansino, Michelle Phan, and more.

Who would have ever thought that anyone could make a career out of social media?! Well, Mark Mobley of PBS SoCaL had this same thought when he answered a job posting for Interactive Content Coordinator (just fancy way of saying social media coordinator). Coming to us from UCI with a double major in Cognitive Psychology and Economics, Mark decided to explore other options by taking on marketing internships and a full-time copywriting position that exposed him to internet advertising, SEO (search engine optimization), copywriting and much more. He credits these internships and the skills he learned as his foot in the door to a career working with the same platforms we as everyday folks do from our phones.  

Aside from just playing with our social media accounts all day, Mark also manages content on the PBS SoCaL website, produces a weekly program highlights newsletter, and collaborates with our production team on uploading local video content. Mark does it all. So who now wants to be an Interactive Content Coordinator? I should see all virtual hands go up.

For those of you who do, Mark has some great advice for you, “Develop your skills and bring those to the table when you are looking for a career. You can turn your hobbies and passions, such as Facebooking those epic pix of food, into a job. Oh, and follow us @pbssocal on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.”

You heard the man, follow us to stay up to date with all PBS SoCaL has to offer.