Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Posted by Nicole Bailey on

On Monday, January 19th, our country celebrates the life and legacy of Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. King is remembered as a pioneering figure in the Civil Rights movement.  His deep commitment to battling racial inequality through non-violent demonstrations resonates today.


As a revolutionary leader and a powerful speaker, Dr. King’s life is an inspiration to us all. He fought discrimination and prejudice tirelessly, always promoting love and peaceful resistance to injustice. His work serves to remind us of the importance of equality and the struggles our country faced only sixty years ago and the relevance of those struggles today. His work is a great teaching moment for students. 

PBS Learning Media provides a number of resources on Dr. King’s life which include historical videos of the “I Have A Dream” speech, the March on Washington, and Dr. King’s plans for the Poor People’s Campaign. Visit PBS Learning Media and celebrate the life of Martin Luther King, Jr.