Every day is reading and writing day!

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From birth to preschool years, your little one is developing language skills important to literacy. To build a strong foundation for reading and writing, letter knowledge is essential. Development of vocabulary in early literacy is also significant because of the strong link for children’s success in school and eventually in college.

As a parent and educator, you are the perfect partner to model new vocabulary to your children. To encourage word curiosity in your child, create situations in which children have fun learning! Follow these simple tips to reinforce letter and sound knowledge, and prepare your little one to read.

  • Find words all around the house or classroom
  • Write a letter to friends and family
  • Make rhymes as part of everyday tasks
  • Reading a story with your child just like Grover and Elmo are doing!

Help your child become comfortable with words to develop him/her into a confident and independent reader. Check out these FREE resources to encourage your preschoolers to read & write.



Parent Activity Cards- use these activity cards to introduce new words, inspire curiosity and boost vocabulary!

BIG Book of Words – practice writing words to reinforce letter knowledge and prepare them to read and write entire paragraphs and books.

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