Get Up and Move With Sid

Posted by Alyssa Torrez on

Every parent or teacher or childcare provider knows; kids are active. Even when I worked in a middle school classroom, the kids always wanted to go outside to play and keeping them indoors to finish their homework was a hard task.

And we also know that physical education is very important for growing children; it helps them stay healthy and strong. There are so many ways to keep our bodies healthy. You can help kids learn healthy habits to grow up strong and healthy with these activities from Sid the Science Kid!

Sid wants to help you get moving with his Super Fab Lab investigation “Get Up And Move”. Download the activity sheet then get moving by talking a walk in the park or doing yoga. I love playing sports like basketball, soccer, or tennis with kids because not only are they good to help kids stay active, but also for teaching good sportsmanship.

Special episodes from Sid the Science Kid motivate kids and families to run and play outside and make healthy food choices. You can find video clips from these episodes in the Sid video player. Teacher Susie takes the class to a local park to play then to pick fresh vegetables from a community garden. This makes Sid want to start a family tradition of taking a walk together everyday, a tradition you can start with your family, too. Taking a walk with your family is a great way to exercise and have fun together. And what can be easier than walking!


Print this Sid the Science Kid walking coloring sheet and use it as a great way to get kids motivated to be active. You can visit the Sid the Science Kid website for more activities you can do with your family to promote healthy habits. Happy moving!