Hit the Road with Roadtrip Nation

Posted by Alyssa Torrez on


Where are you going?

Everyone wants to define their own road in life. Roadtrip Nation takes youth across the country to interview leaders from all walks of life that are doing what they love to find out what inspired them to define their own roads.

Through the Roadtrip Nation Curriculum, youth can gain access and exposure to life pathways that they may not have considered otherwise. The Roadtrip Nation Experience empowers students to define their own roads in life. As part of American Graduate: Let’s Make it Happen Initiative, the Roadtrip Nation curricula engages at-risk students with real-world learning opportunities and makes education relevant in their lives. The program guides students through a process of self discovery, career exploration, community engagement, and exposure to possible pathways.

You can discover what inspires you to define your path in life with Roadtrip Nation. Follow the Green RV on Twitter to start finding your future and watch the inspiring stories of people who have made their passions their paths on the new season of Roadtrip Nation on PBS SoCaL PLUS starting Friday, September 13th at 6:30pm.

Not only is this the historic 10th season of Roadtrip Nation, but the series finale is also the 100th episode! Along with the culmination of the Roadtrippers’ journey, this last episode includes a wonderful two-minute retrospective counting up all the seasons and episodes. There’s no better way to wrap things up.

So, what do you want to do with your life?