Investigating Weather and Temperature

Posted by Nicole Bailey on

Temperature is a great way to get kids thinking about measurement. In this episode of Learning Time, we use a simple activity to observe the way hot and cold water feels against skin. To build upon these observations, we can use a thermometer to put a number to the different ways hot and cold feel.

Discussing temperature enhances number recognition skills and allows us to introduce a science tool – the thermometer! When using the thermometer in hot or cold water, you can explain to your child what the red line and the little numbered lines indicate as the red line moves up or down.

To build upon the concepts in this video further, you can point out temperature while you are out and about with your child. Is it very hot on a sunny day? Is it freezing in the ice cream aisle at the grocery store? 

Download the instructions for this activity and explore the temperatures where you live! As always be sure to subscribe to the Learning Time YouTube channel for more activities on early STEM learning.