Let's Measure!

Posted by Susie Grimm on

Measurement may seem like a complex concept, however, with Sid the Science Kid is a great time to being teaching your little one simple measurement. During the preschool years, your child is aware of the different ways to describe measurement.

At this age, children begin to recognize the following measurement attributes and how they can be represented with a number:

  • Length (how long or tall something is)
  • Capacity (how much something holds)
  • Weight (how heavy something is)
  • Area (how much space is covered)
  • Temperature (how cold something is)
  • Time (how long it takes to get somewhere)

Research shows that mathematics and measurement education for 3 to 6 year olds promotes future mathematic achievement, and that these skills will benefit students in later years of schooling. Learning these mathematical fundaments  can instantly become fun with Sid the Science Kid games and activities.

Sid the Science Kid is a great way to provide your child with various science and math resources that encourage curiosity, research, exploration and measurement on the world around them. Let Sid, Gabriela and Gerald prove to your kids just how fun math and science really is!

Try Sid the Science Kid’s Vegetable Harvest to engage your little ones in basic math concepts.This game is designed to aid your children with counting and addition skills through the use of familiar food and characters.

Assist Mary measure her stones in Pan Balance to teach size correspondence and measurement vocabulary:

Another resource to help your young learners’ understand measurement and size correspondence in a new light is Sid the Science Kid’s Growing Plants video:


You can find out more information about Sid the Science Kid and PBS KIDS through the resources below: