Math Talk...More or Less

Posted by Susie Grimm on

Unlike literacy, children acquire early math skills in a nonlinear fashion, picking up concepts more randomly through various interactions- teaching, playing with toys or playing with online games!

Help your little one understand some critical math concepts with these simple yet versatile Curious George and Peg + Cat activities.

Curious George- Probability (Guessing Game)

In this game, the objective is to guess how many similar objects it takes to measure the height of an even bigger object. Take it further by using terms like “more than” and “less than” to describe the objects in each row. This game will help your child learn the language of math.

Peg + Cat – Rock Art (Counting & Shapes)

Count the shapes in each row to practice one-to-one correspondence, and in doing so, develop an understanding of number sequencing and patterns. Take it further by having your little one develop their fine motor skills as they learn to write the number of each row’s quantity—gaining number sense skills in the process.

Together you can do this similar game in real life at home. For example, you can measure the length of your kitchen table with apples. Before starting, kids can guess how many apples long the table is. Of course this can be done in your home with many other measurements and different objects!

Early math skills can be easily practiced in the comfort of your own home! Children can gather their favorite toys or create their own characters and then divide them into separate piles. Then they can make observations and find out together who actually has the biggest pile of toys and by how much!

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