This month is brought to you by the letter E for Engineering

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In early childhood, learning comes naturally. Your little ones learn about science through the weather, interact with technology through mobile devices, and do math when counting number on a clock or using toys to count.

Engineering can be just as natural with the help of PBS KIDS online and mobile resources. These resources are great to tap into your little one's natural curiosity and sense of wonder around engineering.

You can add to the online and mobile experience by asking the following questions to engage your little one in critical thinking while having fun!

  • Tell me what you are working on now? Can you find the __ on the screen? (ex. objective, place, person)
  • Does this remind you of anything you have done or seen before? What would you have done or seen before? What would you have done if you were__ ? (ex. character, object, place)
  • What do you think it might happen next?

Use these resources to start to help kids learning early concepts in engineering:

PreK-5th Grades PBS KIDS online and Offline resources

The Pulley Young students explore pulleys as simple machines that help people move things more easily.

Watch this video for students to learn the concept of an inclined plane. Try this activityat home with your little ones.


Build a House students build a house using construction paper and other materials.

Fetch! these easy, hands-on activities are great for eight to ten-year olds. It's science, engineering, problem solving, and fun all rolled into one.

Egg Bungee Jump Students design a bungee jump so that the egg stops within 2 inches of the floor when dropped from 5 feet (PDF).

Hoop Glider Students construct a glider with an unusual wing structure (PDF).


For more great PBS KIDS information on activities, games and resources for parents and teachers click the link below:


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