This month is brought to you by the letter T for Technology

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Technology shapes how children learn and digital learning can help turn children from novice learners into individuals who know how to learn more proficiently.

21st-century skills are critical in fostering a new generation of innovators and creators. Mobile technology such as iPads, tablets, and any other mobile device can help break down learning barriers and engage children to become 21st century learners.

PBS SoCaL offers easy to use kids content to get your little ones ready for kindergarden! Learning can be fun and easy with the PBS KIDS Lab. The games are flexible across multiple platforms. The Lab is full with many beloved PBS KIDS characters engaging your little ones in a variety of math and language topics.



PBS KIDS mobile apps are effective when you engage children in an interactive learning experience. Apps can be fun, engaging and educational while emphasizing critical thinking skills.


Check out this video to see how you can engage your little ones on the go!



Integrate language and literacy skills with the following apps and games:

These apps and games help kids understand the basic components of a story: setting, characters, events etc., and they also inspire creativity by combining unlikely story elements for silly plots. 

Integrate STEM skills with the following apps:

  • Cyberchase 3D builder
  • Sid’s Science Fair
  • Dinosaur Train Mesozoic math
  • Peg + Cat’s Big Gig

These apps and games promote early pre-mathematical skills and science readiness among early learners. They encourage children to use scientific processes while they play.

For more great PBS KIDS information on activities, games and resources for parents and teachers click the links below: