Take a science ride with Dinosaur Train

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We often we think of science as a daunting task to learn and teach. Sometimes, we shy away from teaching our little ones about science under the impression that it is about formal experiments and chemical reactions. However, science can be about exploring, discovering, and nurturing your little one’s natural curiosity.

Research has shown that childhood curiosity leads to science which can lead to exciting and fun opportunities for learning! Engage your children’s curious nature in new ways to discover science at their fingertips. Dinosaur Train is a great science resource that helps kids develop critical thinking, problem solving skills, and conceptual knowledge of the natural and physical world around them.

From recognizing shapes and letters to learning and making their own fossils, kids will engage in interactive activities with Buddy, Shiny, Tiny, and Don!

Here are some fun resources to introduce science to your child with Dinosaur Train:

Introduce shapes and measurement with Buddy’s Gem Hunt!

This game is designed to help your kids recognize two-dimensional shapes and understand measurement vocabulary. This allows cghildren to learn independently by playing fun and educational online game.

Dinosaur Discoveries: Dinosaur Eggs

Help your little one learn big words like “paleontologist” and “fossils”. Watch this video to help your child learn about living things and natural process. This video explains what fossils are and how they are made. But don’t stop learning here! Use this hands-on activity to create a model for fossils and continue the conversation.

Learning Time: Dinosaur Train Nature Trackers Adventure Camp

If you cannot take a trip to the museum, don’t worry. Check out this interactive video to discover the different footprints that animals and dinosaurs made

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