This month is brought to you by the letter M for Math

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Math isn't just about counting, from buying groceries to telling time, math is around us every day! Early Math skills can be a predictor for academic success. When children receive strong preparation in math, the benefits can be long lasting. Engaging your little ones in basic math concepts with online games will help them to understand the relationship between simple skills and their mathematical meaning-for example, the relationship between counting and quantity.

Get your little ones excited about counting, sorting, discovering patterns and doing puzzles with Peg + Cat digital resources! Peg + Cat teaches math concepts to preschoolers in a fun and interactive way. Peg + Cat encourages kids to persevere and figure out their own solution.

Try these Peg + Cat math games to build fundamental math skills while having fun!

Count, measure, and look for 3-D shapesin a series of farm adventures

Count pizza toppings to learn number recognition and fractions

Peg + Cat: Stick Puppets help children recognize, name shapes and understand the connection between shapes and real life objects.

Watch this videoand try this simple activity at home!

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