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“Through the Heart of Tango” Chronicles Southern California Men with Special Needs as They Learn to Bond Through Dance

            COSTA MESA, Calif. (July 16, 2014) – PBS SoCaL, PBS for Greater Los Angeles, will premiere “Through the Heart of Tango” on Sunday, July 27 at 7 p.m. on PBS SoCaL Plus (Ch. 50.2 over-the-air) with an encore presentation Thursday, August 7 at 12:30 a.m. on PBS SoCaL.

            “Through the Heart of Tango”is part of PBS SoCaL’s commitment to highlighting the arts and inspiring stories of the Southern California community.  This film follows four special needs young men from Los Angeles, 3 with autism and one with Down syndrome, as they take a journey through dance to discover a whole new world of friendship and connection through tango. The documentary includes a compilation of interviews from the families and teachers of those involved, as well as professional tango dancers and aficionados.

            “Most persons with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are often times challenged with language and social skills making it very difficult to interact and engage with others. Tango is a dance that masters the art of non-verbal communication and partnership through music and movement. It is a language which focuses on connection and through the right approach becomes a valuable tool to reach another,” said Liza Krassner, Executive Producer of the film and Chief Administrative Officer of the Program in Public Health at UCI.

            The documentary was an official selection of 6 film festivals and won “Award of Merit” at Indie Fest. The film is produced by Joey Travolta’s production company Inclusion Films with   Creative Director Raymond Martino and Executive producer Liza Krassner. Inclusion Films trains individuals with developmental disabilities to ultimately acquire the creative skills and strong work ethics to become filmmakers.

For additional information about the film, please visit www.throughtheheartoftango.com/

About PBS SoCaL

            PBS SoCaL is PBS for Greater Los Angeles serving as Southern California’s largest classroom, its largest stage for the arts, and most trusted information source. With its three unique broadcast channels, PBS SoCaL HD (KOCE), PBS SoCaL Plus and PBS SoCaL World, PBS SoCaLprovides award-winning programs like Frontline, NewsHour, NOVA, Nature and Masterpiece, as well as local productions including SoCaL Insider with Rick Reiff and LAaRT.  As the flagship PBS station in Southern California, PBS SoCaL Presents works with filmmakers to develop programs and series to distribute nationally each year. Through community outreach initiatives including PBS SoCaL Education, PBS SoCaL provides local schools access to new media materials that engage students in 21st century learning.  Explore the future of PBS in Southern California at www.pbssocal.org


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