It's Coming...#BridgeBash

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In just about a week, Orange County Transportation Authority will conduct its own version of LA’s two-time Carmageddon, dubbing it #BridgeBash.  OCTA plans to shut down the 405 freeway between the 605 and Valley View Street for a full 20 hours between Saturday, August 17th at 9pm and Sunday, August 18th at 5pm.

Official OCTA detours during the closure

Official OCTA detours during the closure.

“We know this ‘Bridge Bash’ has the potential to disrupt traffic for the hundreds of thousands of people who use the I-405 on a typical summer weekend and we are encouraging drivers to avoid the freeway in this area,” said Greg Winterbottom, chairman of the Orange County Transportation Authority.

Traffic is just a way of life for the SoCal native. It’s like a mysterious force we only dream of controlling. The average LA driver spends 65 hours a year in traffic, that’s like watching the movie Inception twenty-seven times in a row. And the worst part is that it just feels like wasted time.

Learn how SoCal got to this point in traffic disaster with this clip from America Revealed.

Anyone remember Commander Chuck Street from that last clip? That voice is iconic.

But LA and OC aren’t the only home to traffic. America Revealed continues to explore the deep routes of gridlock.

Traffic Analyst Greg Jordan finishes up the America Revealed clip with some time lapse photography of not only the freeway, but also the growing properties around them.

If you’re anything like me you just got stressed out watching those videos or perhaps you were thinking about your drive home. Mine is getting up to 45 minutes long.  How long is your commute? What do you think is the cause of traffic? What about the solution?

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And remember: #BridgeBash is coming…

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