So Cal, So Healthy: La Cienega Community Center & Park

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Taylor Swift is a history-making, multi-Grammy winning songwriter and singer living larger than life in Beverly Hills, California. She is able to enjoy the finer things in life at such a young age and is absolutely awe-inspiring. Go, Taylor! She can live, dine and shop in one of the most elegant cities in the world. Her Beverly Hills mansion value estimates at around $4 million dollars... Beverly Hills is and always will be the home to some of the most famous, talented and cash endowed personalities in the world.  

There is still a strong presence of today’s movie stars making house and home in Beverly Hills. But have you ever experienced the pure joy of walking down the immaculately lined and manicured streets, particularly, Rodeo Drive? It’s heaven, I tell you, simply heaven. Better yet, it is free heaven. Yes, you can freely walk and walk for free in Beverly Hills.


If you are in Southern California and just love Beverly Hills, 90210 and the celebrity glory that comes with it, then your So Cal Gal has the greatest answer for you. Go visit the awesome La Cienega Park.  It is some kind of wonderful. So peaceful and beautiful, it can provide you with the feeling of being a super star for a day! The people are polite and nice and you will feel the welcome and warmth that is alive in the City of Beverly Hills. You will want to become a frequent patron of La Cienega Park.  Most of all, your children will love it. It is really a great physical activity destination for your entire family. 

Moms and Caregivers on a budget: be encouraged. You can lift your eyes up to the hills, Beverly Hills, that is. Children need at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day. Why not go play at the park where the world’s most celebrated stars play? Bring your child to Beverly Hills and enjoy it like royalty at La Cienega Park. Watch them run, slide, swing, play and meet other children. Believe it, Mom! There is a fabulous jogging trail that is so unique and fun to walk or jog on. Some people even bring their dog. Hey, bring your dog. Maybe your workout will be better with Fido! 

Visit La Cienega Park, the crown jewel of play and physical activity in Beverly Hills. You will discover three baseball diamonds, modern engineered playground equipment for the kids and a newly built exercise pavilion that is well designed and user friendly for adults. Work on your arms, legs, whatever! Get in shape and get fit right here. Let’s eat smart and get physical, physical.

La Cienega Park

La Cienega Community Center & Park
8400 Gregory Way, Beverly Hills, CA 90211


Park hours 6 a.m. - 10 p.m. daily.


Running and playing will definitely make the kids hungry and want to try a couple of new treats. Here are two scrumptious treats for you to try this week.

BlueBerry Crisp:

California Rolls:

Here’s a cheer for you and La Cienega Park. See you, my veggie and physical activity mates! Be wonderful until we meet again…next week for more Farmer Market food goodness. You are in for a yummy treat. Chow!