So Cal, So Healthy: Physical Activity

Posted by Amanda A. Anderson on

"Let's get physical, physical"

We all know those famous lyrics by Olivia Newton John from the hit song, "Let’s Get Physical." And if your body doesn’t talk, your good health will walk.

Shaq’s former crib in West Los Angeles had been equipped with a tennis and basketball court. If you lived there, you could have all the greatest physical activity whenever you wanted.  Wanting to be in tip top shape, J. Lo hired Gunner Peterson, one of the world’s highest paid personal trainers. But if you’ve ever cashed a WIC voucher to pay for healthy foods, you probably are not thinking about hiring him just now.

The VibroGym Diamond exercise equipment costs a cool $69,190. The Hypoxi Trainers, exercise equipment goes for $52,000. The Quick Gym Range of Motion exercise machine can be had for $15,000. Now, they all may be fine pieces of equipment to own but maybe those super expensive things are not quite in your budget. Kids are expensive and afterschool camp fees are soon due. That being said, you want to make a difference, a real investment in your health. You can do it! You’ll do it for yourself and your child.

Yes. It’s the SoCal Gal to the rescue. It’s all about getting physical at a price we all can afford... Free! I want to share with you the joys and happiness of the great and spectacular Kenneth Hahn Park. This wonderful wellspring, where dads can even go fishing, is a state park unit of California. This fun physical activity fountain is so conveniently located in the Baldwin Hills/ Ladera Heights area of Los Angeles.


With its Japanese Garden, Kenneth Hahn Park, 308 acres of open recreational space is available just for you. It offers free exercise and physical activity with mountainous views, playground toys for the kids and an easy to do hiking trail. It is accessible for bicycles and wheelchairs, too. You will find your happy here because the like new exercise stations are worth a visit and serves as a reality check for all those monthly gym fees. I’ll just pass on the fees, please.  Mom, Kenneth Hahn Park is where the good action is at.

Here’s a look at Kenneth Hahn Park. C’mon out here! Take a nice break from your hectic inner LA life and get served well at Kenneth Hahn Park.  You and the family will have a blast. Let’s get physical, physical. 


Fact: Physical activity does impact the speed of cognitive processing, attention, memory and hence enabling your children to become more physically active; it is correlated to better academic performance. Hoorah!

Surveys have shown that only about half of young people get at least 60 minutes of vigorous or moderate-intensity exercise daily, which is what the U.S. Department of Health’s Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans suggests. Kenneth Hahn Park offers a fantastic hiking trail for you and the family. Now, just add to the fun by letting your child explore hiking even more. Curious George like hikes, too. Try this fun activity when you are on your next hike. 

After all that fun hiking, your children will indeed, want to eat. Here are two healthy and yummy for the tummy smoothie recipes from PBS Food. Try them this week.

Pineapple Coconut Smoothie  

Cranberry Smoothie

Next week, I’ll take you on a food journey to Crenshaw Baldwin Hills Mall-Farmer’s Market. You’ll get tons of surprises. See you then!