So Cal So Healthy: Larchmont Village Farmer’s Market

Posted by Amanda Anderson on

There is so much to appreciate about a good ol' Sunday.  For a lot of Southern Californians, Sundays can mean acquiring a much needed day of rest and relaxation to recoup from a stressful week. For others, Sundays can mean it is a time of looking back to reflect on the previous week. Still, for some of us, Sundays are simply filled with beloved family and traditions. Sundays are oftentimes, the best days.

Yes, Sundays are utterly important in our world. If it were not so, why would so many grand holidays fall exclusively on a Sunday? Like Mother's Day. What mom isn't thrilled about the day when she is completely made a fuss over and given sweet smelling flowers while basking in the glory of her children’s love? Father’s Day, too, falls on a Sunday.

And let’s not forget those famous Sunday dinners. Some families enjoy a small celebratory Sunday dinner with just mom and dad while other families throw grandiose Sunday dinner parties for the whole family. It is just another point that most of us love our Sundays.

It is no small wonder, then, that one of my favorite Farmer’s Markets falls on a Sunday. It is the Larchmont Farmer’s Market held in a quaint and lovely parking lot in trendy Larchmont Village. 


Traditionally, locals and residents from nearby Hancock Park hang there to grab their favorite fruits and vegetables for their nutrition-seeking families. Hey, everyone is welcome, though. I guarantee you this; you will not find friendlier patrons and vendors anywhere. These folks are super friendly, especially as they offer you more and more free samples to taste. Just go there on a Sunday and watch your children grub out on the sweetest strawberries you will find locally.


The Larchmont Village Farmer’s Market is held every Sunday from 10a.m. until 2 p.m. Go on and see for yourself. You’ll meet organic farmers and green vendors ready to bag up either your favorites or some new tasty vegetables, the ones you never thought to try before. Enjoy the enticement of perfectly beautiful fruits and veggies; maybe you and your family will want to eat them up every single day.

The address: 209 N Larchmont Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90004
Location: (North of 1st Street, just south of Beverly Blvd)

Amanda A. Anderson is a children’s media producer, writer, cookbook publisher and consultant. She proudly educates America's moms, dads, caregivers and kids on how to get physically active and eat healthy so they can live, laugh and grow strong for life.  She enjoys reading and the joys of motherhood while raising an energetic, smart and fun 8 year old daughter in Los Angeles, California. Connect with Amanda on Twitter: @askamanda