What does it take to put a show on television? Get a behind the scenes look at the PBS SoCaL studio.

Being a public broadcast station for more than 40 years, PBS SoCaL knows a lot about being on TV. A tour of the PBS SoCaL studio offers a unique experience for youth and families interested in careers in television or production to see what happens behind the scenes at the nation’s third most watched PBS station.

We are opening our doors to offer kids and adults a look into the history of the station, the cutting edge things we are doing now, and what we have on the horizon here at PBS SoCaL. Learn about cameras, careers, and close ups in this 30 minute tour, suitable for groups or individuals of all ages. Perfect for Cub Scout troops, school field trips or just the avid PBS SoCaL viewer.

Interested in a tour? Please email studiotour@pbssocal.org or call (714) 241-4189 to schedule your backstage pass.