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  • Follow the Pasta Path - Have your child practice their measurement and spatial reasoning skills and help reunite The Cat with his friends, Thing One and Thing Two

  • How Many Ways Old Are You? - Kids can practice counting and adding through different representations of numbers

  • Get the Math - Get The Math is a tool that uses real world applications of math in music, fashion and video games directed at a middle school audience

  • Hands on Banking - A great resource¬†with¬†tools to educate kids and adults on managing finances and learn the "money skills you need for life"

Math Mondays are made possible by: Wells Fargo Foundation

  • Parachute Parade - Use engineering skills to build a parachute

  • Shape Hunt - Students observe and count as they walk through the school exploring shapes in their environment

  • SciGirls - Learn science by playing games like AquaBot, Diorama-o-rama, or Busy as a Bee

  • Science on the Playground - Ask your students to notice certain things as they play in the playground and have a discussion about what they observed around them

  • Cat in The Hat: Go on a Length Hunt - Kids can go on a measuring hunt with a piece of string and your encouragement!

  • Crystals Rule - Practice measuring non-standard measuring with various objects

Theory Testing Tuesdays are made possible by: The Allergan Foundation

  • Dog's Letter Pit - Dog needs to pull some letters from the pit to make some words, help him by choosing the right letters

  • Bear's Skateboard Park - Help Bear get through the park by catching the letters and spelling the words correctly

  • Obstacle Course - Students navigate through a classroom obstacle course using location words that help vocabulary skills as well as the development of a spatial sense

  • PlaySpace - Illustrate and solve word problems through story-building

  • Elmo's World Books - Kids create and color their own book and then read it with Elmo

Word Wednesdays are made possible by: The Lon V. Smith Foundation

  • Inventor's Workshop - Kids invent things as they go through courses

  • Build Me a House - Students have an opportunity to build their own house using recycled materials based on the story of "Goldilocks and the Three Bears"

  • Science in the Kitchen - Inventing recipes and participating in the cooking experience is a great way for children to learn how science works all around them; give some of these activities a try at home with kids of all ages!

  • Rainbow Play Dough - Kids can make their own play dough and express their creativity with this simple but very fun experiment

  • String Thing - Ever wanted to make your own music? Kids and adults can both take their chances with this virtual string instrument and see what interesting beats and sounds they can create

  • Debris Dilemmas - Students can learn what causes marine debris and its effect on wildlife through this short video and its follow-up activities

  • Zerofootprint Calculator - Kids can measure the impact their lifestyle has on the planet with this fun tool

  • Gabriela Cleans Up - Gabriela needs to sort her recyclables by putting them in the correct bin

  • Groovy Garden - Grow a garden and learn about green living

  • ZOOmazing - Help George direct the animals and find their homes in the Zoo by using the map

Eco-Friendly Fridays are made possible by S.L. Gimbel Foundation Advised Fund at: The Community Foundation


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