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Fighting the summer slump is twice as fun with PBS KIDS!

PBS SoCaL continues to make summer reading and literacy a priority, allowing kids to learn all summer long! Starting June 2nd, we will be including more of the PBS KIDS programs your kids love - more Wild Kratts, more Curious George, more Dinosaur Train - and more of the key learning they need to stay ahead of the summer slump.

Check out our NEW summer line up!

5:30 AMMaya and Miguel12:00 PMDinosaur Train
6:00 AMClifford12:30 PMDinosaur Train
6:30AMMartha Speaks1:00 PMSuper Why!
7:00AMWild Kratts1:30 PMSuper Why!
7:30AMWild Kratts2:00 PMThe Cat in the Hat
8:00AMCurious George2:30 PMCurious George
8:30AMCurious George3:00 PMCurious George
9:00AMPeg+Cat3:30 PMArthur
9:30AMDinosaur Train4:00 PMArthur
10:00AMSesame Street4:30 PMWild Kratts
11:00AMDaniel Tiger5:00 PMWild Kratts
11:30 AMDaniel Tiger  

Additional Resources

PBS SoCaL, in partnership with PBS KIDS is also working with partners to offer resources and events to encourage children and families to explore literacy and learning all summer long.


Daily tips, extended learning ideas and recommended games and activities.

Summer is full of learning and fun with educational resources for parents.

Keep every child safe, healthy and engaged in learning during the summer. 

Take the Pottery Barn Kids Summer Reading Challenge through August 26th.

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