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China's Challenges

China has new leaders. "The Chinese Dream," says China's new president, Xi Jinping, is "the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation." China is an economic superpower: the largest population on earth is undergoing the greatest transformation in history and competing in every arena of human endeavor. China's growing strengths have global import.

But China is beset with problems: economic dislocations, dangerous disparities between rich and poor, inadequate and imbalanced social services, epidemic pollution, endemic corruption, tensions over political reform and civil society, uncertainties of beliefs and values, and more.

Host Robert Lawrence Kuhn, who knows China's leaders personally and wrote the book "How China's Leaders Think," takes us inside China through five one hour episodes that reveal the critical issues that China’s new leaders face.

China's Challenges is co-produced by Shanghai Media Group (ICS) and The Kuhn Foundation. Created, written and hosted by Robert Lawrence Kuhn. Series director is Peter Getzels. Shanghai Media Group (ICS): Executive Producers Wang Jianjun, Sun Wei and Robert Lawrence Kuhn, Producers Wang Lijun and Zhu Xiaoqian and Associate Producer Chen Bing.

China's Challenges is produced in association with presenting station, PBS SoCaL. For PBS SoCaL, President and CEO: Mel Rogers. Station Manager: Ed Miskevich. Executive Producer: Brenda Brkusic.

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