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Diocese of Orange

Diocese of Orange: Matters of Faith is a 30 minute documentary that explores the role of Catholicism in shaping the cultural and community landscape of Orange County. This original feature presentation examines the history, growth, multicultural mission and far-reaching influence of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange – currently the tenth largest Diocese in the nation with more than 1.2 million members.

"Across the United States, four times more people identify themselves as Roman Catholic than any other religion,” said Maria Hall-Brown, KOCE-TV producer. “Here in Southern California the historic roots of Orange County and the Catholic Church intertwine and run deep. PBS is pleased to take an outside look at the 200 hundred years from the establishment of the first Spanish mission in San Juan Capistrano to the creation of the Diocese of Orange. As Orange County blossomed, changed, and developed a unique identity – so has the county's largest religious organization."

Matters of Faith follows the development of Catholicism in Orange County, and reveals the history and cultural depth of a community that has been deeply impacted by its largest faith community. This PBS feature sheds light on the growth of church and county, as well as the controversies, charitable ministries, outreach and hope shared over the course of the last two centuries.


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