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The Drive-By Economist

PBS SoCal celebrates a Los Angeles Area Emmy® nomination for The Drive By Economist!

The Drive-By Economist series will explore the economic life of Southern California from the inside. These lively people-oriented programs will focus on the dynamic and diverse Southern California economy, which involves more than 6-million jobs and more than $900 billion in total product.

The coverage will include big and small business, the job market, profiles of interesting people, the economic history of Southern California, real estate, entrepreneurs, family firms, personal finance, and food. The SoCal economy receives very little coverage on local television. This show looks at the regional economy and the impact it has on people's lives.

Episode 4
The Drive By Economist looks at 50 years of history in So Cal's Television News business. The, big stories, the popularity of police pursuits. and the many different personalities. Many trends in TV news started in Los Angeles, this story goes behind the scenes to discuss news coverage and the hot button issues in broadcast journalism. Also a visit to a Southern California city that's being called a secret Shangri-La, it has a fascinating history. We also study a personal pension plan that's being called a model for the nation.

Episode 3
Drive-By Economist Doug Kriegel visits an LA neighborhood that has the hottest real estate market in California and it is right next to one of the poorest areas in America. Also did the Dodgers new owners overpay when they spent billions to buy the team? Local hero, still giving back, meets woman he saved in a fire 44 years ago.

Episode 2
Many of the local high fashion clothing manufacturers who moved production to Asia and Central America the past decade are returning to Southern California and this is creating new job opportunities here. We'll explore why this is happening. Another story looks at what it's like to run the only bank with headquarters in East Los Angeles where most of the customers are immigrants. Some customers with no credit history are taking out loans to pay for citizenship applications.

Episode 1
The first episode of the Drive-By Economist looks at a unique jobs program for young people that the state of California is phasing out even though everyone involved claims that is a big mistake. Also, the broadcast will focus on how a Hollywood star helped Vietnamese immigrants get started in the $90-million nail salon industry- which they now dominate. The show also takes us to the front lines of the "Supermarket War" in Los Angeles. Also a story about the man who advised Walt Disney to locate Disneyland in Anaheim, rather than three other local cities that were considered.

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