Board of Directors

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The Public Media Group of Southern California is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) corporation, and is governed by an unpaid board of directors representing a cross-section of business and community leaders.

Richard Cook, Chairman of the Board*

Gordon M. Bava, Audit Committee Chair*
Margaret Black, Nominating and Governance Committee Chair*
Anne Gates, Investment Committee Chair*
Mary A. Lyons, Secretary*
William S. O’Hare*
Dr. James Rosser*
Christopher Thompson*
Dr. Ernest J. Wilson III*
David J. Zuercher, Finance Committee Chair*

JoAnn Bourne
Louise Bryson
Dr. Jo Ellen Chatham
Ina Coleman
Paul A. Gomez
Todd Hollander
Channing D. Johnson, Content Committee Chair
Janet Jones, Advancement Committee Chair
Kelly Bixby Mazzo
Susan Erburu Reardon
Michael Riley
Robert Romney
Cathy Schulman
Dennis Shapiro
Basit Sheikh
Charles Steinmetz
Joseph Valdes, Compensation Committee Chair
Val Zavala

*Executive Committee

The Board of Directors invites the public to attend the open session of each public meeting.