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In celebration of our 45th anniversary in 2017, we collected some key moments from our past to share with you.

PBS SoCal History
The Magic of Bill Alexander

#KOCE45yrs: On making a happy splash

I put my almighty paint, on my almighty palette and I put it on the almighty canvas. And if you can do it, my God, what a joy to be on this earth! -Bill…
Morgan and Rita sitting at restaurant table

#KOCE45yrs: Our very first broadcast

Here’s a blast from the past:We recently dug up the logs from our very first day on the air!Picture it, Huntington Beach, November 20, 1972. 4:00 p.m.KOCE…
1974 KOCE Viewer's Guide

#KOCE45yrs: We’ve always been dramatic!

It’s the final day of August, and fall is peeking its head around the corner. Although the change in seasons isn’t always obvious in sunny SoCal, we know…
PBS SoCal Viewer's Guide: 3 tiled images

#KOCE45yrs: One of our earliest space-themed broadcasts

Even though Southern California wasn’t in the path of totality during this week’s eclipse, judging by Instagram and Twitter, quite a few of us headed…
KOCE PBS SoCal 1972 logo

#KOCE45yrs: Early reviews are in!

As you may have heard, we at PBS SoCal KOCE are celebrating the station’s 45th anniversary this year. Throughout 2017 we’ve pored through archives of all…
Image of man wearing a business suit and glasses

The view from 1980: the future of cable television

Our 45th anniversary seems like the perfect time to re-visit our treasure trove of archives!We couldn't wait to share this video with our friends, fans,…
Santa Monica Cycle Path By Pierce, C.C. (Charles C.), 1861-1946 [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

A very brief history of bike trails in Southern California

As we celebrate 45 years of PBS SoCal KOCE, we’re taking the time to explore how our history overlaps with the history of Southern California.KOCE came on…
Dr. Norman Watson founder of KOCE/PBS SoCal

Before we were KOCE, something else was ...

Written by Stacy ShafferWhile you may know us as PBS SoCal, our official call letters are actually KOCE. You probably already know that call letters are…
KOCE Station Sign On

Throwback KOCE Station Sign-On

For today's history post, we thought we'd share one of our past station sign-on logos. This was often used in between programs as station identification,…
Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan Welcomes KOCE-TV on the Air

Ronald Reagan was among the first people to publicly welcome KOCE TV to the airwaves. Here's the then Governor of California, wishing us well on our…
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