• LAaRT -- Shakespeare Today
    S2017 E27: Shakespeare Today
    For love of the Bard, an evening of celebration of theater’s greatest writer ...
  • LAaRT -- Havana House
    S2017 E27: Havana House
    Not the usual fare, a beautiful art film from Michael Sykes and LA filmmaker ...
  • LAaRT -- Hedy Lamarr
    S2017 E26: Hedy Lamarr
    Known as the worlds most beautiful woman, Hedy Lamarr's appearance and glamour ...
  • LAaRT -- The International Printing Museum
    S2017 E26: The International Printing Museum
    You may be familiar with the phrase 'all the news that's fit to print', how ...
  • LAaRT -- She Rocks Awards
    S2017 E25: She Rocks Awards
    It began as an intimate event at the huge National Association of Music ...
  • LAaRT -- King Tut
    S2017 E25: King Tut
    The greatest archeological discovery of our time, the tomb of the Pharaoh ...
  • LAaRT -- Jon Lomberg
    S2017 E24: Jon Lomberg
    Jon Lomberg space artist, science journalist and Carl Sagan's principal artistic ...
  • LAaRT -- Abel Alejandre
    S2017 E24: Abel Alejandre
    From filmmaker Tommy Shimanek; a look at Abel Alejandre who learned early the ...
  • LAaRT -- Earth Harp
    S2017 E24: Earth Harp
    Artist, sculpture, musician… William Close combined all three of these talents ...
  • LAaRT -- Cineconcerts
    S2017 E23: Cineconcerts
    The power of an orchestra and the love of film… Founded by producer/conductor ...
  • LAaRT -- Rebecca Eaton
    S2017 E23: Rebecca Eaton
    With a remarkable career in public broadcasting, Executive Producer Rebecca ...
  • LAaRT -- Churchill War Rooms
    S2017 E22: Churchill War Rooms
    A unique cooperative effort between the Queen Mary in Long Beach and the ...
  • LAaRT -- Steve Maloney
    S2017 E22: Steve Maloney
    Working with no limits in a variety of disciplines – painting, sculpture, ...
  • LAaRT -- Pat Boone
    S2017 E21: Pat Boone
    Celebrating 60 years in show business, Pat Boone shares his milestone moments on ...
  • LAaRT -- Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA
    S2017 E21: Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA
    The second initiative of its kind from the Getty Foundation ‘Pacific Standard ...
  • LAaRT -- Mostly Kosher
    S2017 E20: Mostly Kosher
    Celebrating the cultural traditions of Judaic folk music known as Klezmer, the ...
  • LAaRT -- John Varvatos
    S2017 E20: John Varvatos
    Keeping it masculine and romantic, designer John Varvatos relies on old world ...
  • LAaRT -- Art + Practice
    S2017 E19: Art + Practice
    Founded by artist Mark Bradford, philanthropist and collector Eileen Harris ...
  • LAaRT -- Frank Hurley
    S2017 E19: Frank Hurley
    Frank Hurley’s photographs of the Imperial Trans-Antarctic expedition ...
  • LAaRT -- Scott Kelly
    S2017 E18: Scott Kelly
    We know Astronaut Scott Kelly from his remarkable year aboard the International ...
  • LAaRT -- David Martin
    S2017 E18: David Martin
    As part of a century old architectural family in Los Angeles, David Martin ...