• Crafts for Kids -- DIY Fireworks in a Jar
    S1 E118: DIY Fireworks in a Jar
    Create DIY fireworks in a jar as a fun afternoon project and start a ...
    Air Date 8/25/2015
  • Crafts for Kids -- DIY Animal Finger Puppets
    S1 E117: DIY Animal Finger Puppets
    Using some cereal box card board, pipe cleaners, pom-poms and googly eyes you ...
    Air Date 8/18/2015
  • Crafts for Kids -- Pocket Abacus
    S1 E116: Pocket Abacus
    The abacus is an ancient counting tool, in use since 2700 B.C and still used ...
    Air Date 8/16/2015
  • Crafts for Kids -- DIY Sponge Bath Toy
    S1 E115: DIY Sponge Bath Toy
    Turn a sponge into a fun bath toy! For the full craft go to: ...
    Air Date 8/11/2015
  • Crafts for Kids -- DIY Plastic Cup Phones
    S1 E114: DIY Plastic Cup Phones
    Turn a plastic cup into a DIY lantern with this fun craft! Afterwards, go on an ...
    Air Date 8/4/2015
  • Crafts for Kids -- DIY Hacky Sack
    S1 E113: DIY Hacky Sack
    Turn a balloon filled with flour into a fun DIY hacky sack! For the full craft ...
    Air Date 7/28/2015
  • Crafts for Kids -- Mini Ball Game
    S1 E112: Mini Ball Game
    Make a DIY mini ball game and test your fine motor skills! For the full craft, ...
    Air Date 7/19/2015
  • Crafts for Kids -- DIY Rainstick
    S1 E111: DIY Rainstick
    Turn a paper towel roll into a DIY Rainstick with this fun idea! For the full ...
    Air Date 7/16/2015
  • Crafts for Kids -- DIY Lantern
    S1 E110: DIY Lantern
    Turn a plastic cup into a DIY lantern with this easy craft! Afterwards, go on an ...
    Air Date 7/14/2015
  • Crafts for Kids -- DIY Bird Feeder
    S1 E109: DIY Bird Feeder
    Turn a milk carton into a handmade bird feeder with some household supplies and ...
    Air Date 7/7/2015
  • Crafts for Kids -- Pipe Cleaner Flower Bookmarks
    S1 E108: Pipe Cleaner Flower Bookmarks
    Turn some pipe cleaners into bookmarks with this great summer-camp craft. For ...
    Air Date 6/30/2015
  • Crafts for Kids -- Paper Plate Flying Disc
    S1 E107: Paper Plate Flying Disc
    Learn how to make a flying disc or frisbee out of a paper plate! For the full ...
    Air Date 6/23/2015
  • Crafts for Kids -- Glow Worm Bracelet
    S1 E106: Glow Worm Bracelet
    Easy to make and adorable glow worm bracelets are a fun summer craft activity! ...
    Air Date 6/16/2015
  • Crafts for Kids -- Straw Mobile
    S1 E105: Straw Mobile
    Mobiles are an easy kid’s craft and a great way to learn about balance and the ...
    Air Date 6/14/2015
  • Crafts for Kids -- DIY Binoculars
    S1 E104: DIY Binoculars
    Use toilet paper rolls and duct tape to craft DIY binoculars! Afterwards go ...
    Air Date 6/9/2015
  • Crafts for Kids -- DIY Lava Lamp
    S1 E103: DIY Lava Lamp
    Learn how to make a DIY lava lamp using household supplies! This craft activity ...
    Air Date 6/2/2015
  • Crafts for Kids -- DIY Mini Tents
    S1 E102: DIY Mini Tents
    Make miniature paper tents for your tiny toys and pretend you are on a great ...
    Air Date 5/26/2015
  • Crafts for Kids -- DIY Rose Magnets
    S1 E101: DIY Rose Magnets
    These beautiful felt, DIY rose magnets are fun to craft and would make fantastic ...
    Air Date 5/19/2015
  • Crafts for Kids -- DIY Balance Toy & Game
    S1 E100: DIY Balance Toy & Game
    The art of balancing is no small feat! Try making a homemade balance toy for a ...
    Air Date 5/17/2015
  • Crafts for Kids -- Sensory Salt and Glue Art
    S1 E99: Sensory Salt and Glue Art
    Salty glue art requires only two ingredients and facilitates discussions about ...
    Air Date 5/12/2015
  • Crafts for Kids -- DIY Spring Tree Terrarium
    S1 E98: DIY Spring Tree Terrarium
    In this crafts for kids episode, celebrate spring with a mini DIY terrarium made ...
    Air Date 5/5/2015