• LAaRT -- Falsettos
    S2017 E17: Falsettos
    From stage to your living room, Live from Lincoln Center brings the best of ...
  • LAaRT -- Allen Leech
    S2017 E17: Allen Leech
    We loved him as Tom Branson on Downton Abbey, but Allen Leech is as comfortable ...
  • LAaRT -- Grand Performances
    S2017 E16: Grand Performances
    In the center of a diverse city stands a beautiful downtown venue that offers ...
  • LAaRT -- Causeplay
    S2017 E16: Causeplay
    Superheroes, princesses, Sci-Fi Characters, Cosplay can be more than a grown up ...
  • LAaRT -- Cady McClain
    S2017 E15: Cady McClain
    For actress, writer filmmaker Cady McClain… focuses on finding and sharing the ...
  • LAaRT -- Michael Westmore
    S2017 E15: Michael Westmore
    Surrounded by a legacy family in the Hollywood makeup world Michael Westmore ...
  • LAaRT -- From Film to Attraction
    S2017 E14: From Film to Attraction
    It takes a special kind of story and a talented group of story tellers to take ...
  • LAaRT -- The Museum of Making Music
    S2017 E14: The Museum of Making Music
    The tools of a musical trade… the instrument… sharing and exploring the ...
  • LAaRT -- Steven Rowley
    S2017 E13: Steven Rowley
    Steven Rowley fought bravely but lost the battle against the ‘octopus’ that ...
  • LAaRT -- Veteran Storytelling
    S2017 E13: Veteran Storytelling
    Stories somewhat hard to tell or perhaps never before told… a singular evening ...
  • LAaRT -- David Svenson
    S2017 E12: David Svenson
    The son of renowned sculptor John Edward Svenson, David Svenson works across a ...
  • LAaRT -- Judson Studios PT.2
    S2017 E12: Judson Studios PT.2
    Moving a classic craft forward … Judson Studios has not only created the ...
  • LAaRT -- Judson Studio Pt. 1
    S2017 E11: Judson Studio Pt. 1
    In the family for over 125 years Los Angeles based Judson Studios builds and ...
  • LAaRT -- Monkey Business
    S2017 E11: Monkey Business
    Changing the storyline… stepping out of the foster care system into ...
  • LAaRT -- American Epic Sessions
    S2017 E10: American Epic Sessions
    In the late 1920s, record company talent scouts toured America with a recording ...
  • LAaRT -- Chris Sanders
    S2017 E10: Chris Sanders
    What started as a failed character for a children’s book… Experiment 626 aka ...
  • LAaRT -- Mark Ryden
    S2017 E9: Mark Ryden
    Known for his fantastical imagery of the sweet and the skewed… pop surrealist ...
  • LAaRT -- Dark Angel
    S2017 E9: Dark Angel
    Inspired by the book Mary Ann Cotton: Britain's First Female Serial Killer by ...
  • LAaRT -- A. Scott Berg
    S2017 E8: A. Scott Berg
    Writing about his heroes comes naturally to Pulitzer Prize winner A. Scott Berg ...
  • LAaRT -- Backhausdance
    S2017 E8: Backhausdance
    With a repertory that includes powerful, athletic dancer; emotionally charged ...
  • LAaRT -- California Art Club
    S2017 E7: California Art Club
    Since the turn of the century… the last century that is… those who paint, ...