• NOVA -- Ghosts of Stonehenge
    S44 E14: Ghosts of Stonehenge
    Stonehenge is the grandest and most enigmatic of Europe’s prehistoric ...
    Air Date 8/31/2017
  • NOVA -- Death Dive to Saturn
    S44 E12: Death Dive to Saturn
    Aiming to skim less than 2000 miles above the cloud tops, no spacecraft has ever ...
    Air Date 8/23/2017
  • NOVA -- Eclipse Over America
    S44 E11: Eclipse Over America
    On August 21, 2017, millions of Americans will witness the first total solar ...
    Air Date 8/2/2017
  • NOVA -- Chinese Chariot Revealed
    S44 E9: Chinese Chariot Revealed
    For over a thousand years, chariots thundered across China’s battlefields, ...
    Air Date 5/17/2017
  • NOVA -- Poisoned Water
    S44 E10: Poisoned Water
    In this special report, NOVA investigates what happened in Flint, Michigan when ...
    Air Date 5/10/2017
  • NOVA -- Building Chernobyl's MegaTomb
    S44 E8: Building Chernobyl's MegaTomb
    Engineers race to build a massive dome to contain the crumbling remains of the ...
    Air Date 4/26/2017
  • NOVA -- Holocaust Escape Tunnel
    S44 E7: Holocaust Escape Tunnel
    The Lithuanian city of Vilna, known also as the “Jerusalem of the North”, ...
    Air Date 4/18/2017
  • NOVA -- Why Trains Crash
    S44 E6: Why Trains Crash
    Air Date 2/22/2017
  • NOVA -- The Origami Revolution
    S44 E5: The Origami Revolution
    Engineers are using origami to design drugs, micro-robots, and future space ...
    Air Date 2/15/2017
  • NOVA -- Ultimate Cruise Ship
    S44 E4: Ultimate Cruise Ship
    Join pioneering shipbuilders as they embark on a feat of maritime engineering.
    Air Date 2/8/2017
  • NOVA -- Search for the Super Battery
    S44 E3: Search for the Super Battery
    Explore the hidden world of energy storage and how it holds the keys to a ...
    Air Date 2/1/2017
  • NOVA -- The Nuclear Option
    The Nuclear Option
    How will we power the planet without wrecking the climate?
    Air Date 1/10/2017
  • NOVA -- Secrets of the Sky Tombs
    Secrets of the Sky Tombs
    Evidence discovered in the world’s highest tombs reveals ancient rituals and ...
    Air Date 1/4/2017
  • NOVA -- Treasures Metals Eiffel Tower
    Treasures Metals Eiffel Tower
    Air Date 12/9/2016
  • NOVA -- Treasures of the Earth: Power
    Treasures of the Earth: Power
    Drill underground to see the treasures that power our world—today and into the ...
    Air Date 11/16/2016
  • NOVA -- Treasures of the Earth: Metals
    Treasures of the Earth: Metals
    What is it about the nature of metals that have made them a pillar of human ...
    Air Date 11/9/2016
  • NOVA -- Treasures of the Earth: Gems
    Treasures of the Earth: Gems
    What processes in the depths of the Earth forge beautiful and precious stones?
    Air Date 11/2/2016
  • NOVA -- Super Tunnel
    S43 E17: Super Tunnel
    Join engineers as they build a massive new railway deep beneath the streets of ...
    Air Date 10/12/2016
  • NOVA -- Great Human Odyssey
    S43 E12: Great Human Odyssey
    Follow our ancient ancestors’ footsteps out of Africa and into every corner of ...
    Air Date 10/5/2016
  • NOVA -- School of the Future
    S43 E15: School of the Future
    How can the science of learning help us rethink the future of education for all ...
    Air Date 9/14/2016
  • NOVA -- 15 Years of Terror
    S43 E16: 15 Years of Terror
    From 9/11 to today’s crowd-sourced violence, trace how terrorists’ ...
    Air Date 9/8/2016