• FRONTLINE -- The War Behind Closed Doors
    S21 E13: The War Behind Closed Doors
    In "The War Behind Closed Doors," FRONTLINE traces the inside story of how ...
    Air Date 2/20/2003
  • FRONTLINE -- A Dangerous Business (Revisited)
    S21 E9: A Dangerous Business (Revisited)
    Five years later, FRONTLINE revisits its Pulitzer Prize-winning report in ...
    Air Date 1/9/2003
  • FRONTLINE -- Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero
    S21 E1: Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero
    For many Americans, the most difficult questions about 9/11 were not about ...
    Air Date 9/3/2002
  • FRONTLINE -- American Porn
    S20 E12: American Porn
    Porn is one of the largest and fastest growing forms of media in the United ...
    Air Date 2/7/2002
  • FRONTLINE -- Inside the Teenage Brain
    S20 E11: Inside the Teenage Brain
    Teenagers are often described as erratic, unthoughtful, and rapidly changing ...
    Air Date 1/31/2002
  • FRONTLINE -- Medicating Kids
    S19 E14: Medicating Kids
    What explains the surge in behavior-modifying drugs for children? How safe – ...
    Air Date 4/10/2001
  • FRONTLINE -- The Merchants of Cool
    S19 E11: The Merchants of Cool
    FRONTLINE explores how America's giant media corporations skillfully court the ...
    Air Date 2/27/2001
  • FRONTLINE -- The Killer at Thurston High
    S18 E9: The Killer at Thurston High
    FRONTLINE explores what led Kip Kinkel, a 15-year-old Oregon boy, to kill his ...
    Air Date 1/8/2000
  • FRONTLINE -- The Long Walk of Nelson Mandela
    S17 E16: The Long Walk of Nelson Mandela
    An intimate portrait of one of the 20th century's greatest leaders
    Air Date 5/24/1999
  • FRONTLINE -- Shtetl
    S13 E20: Shtetl
    FRONTLINE producer Marian Marzynski travels to Poland to search for remnants of ...
    Air Date 4/16/1996
  • FRONTLINE -- Murder on Abortion Row
    S14 E6: Murder on Abortion Row
    Clinic workers Shannon Lowney and Lee Ann Nichols are murdered by John Salvi, a ...
    Air Date 2/6/1996
  • FRONTLINE -- The Long March of Newt Gingrich
    S14 E9: The Long March of Newt Gingrich
    In this investigative biography of the outspoken and controversial speaker, ...
    Air Date 1/16/1996
  • FRONTLINE -- Waco: The Inside Story
    S14 E1: Waco: The Inside Story
    FRONTLINE investigates the April 1993 FBI siege of the Branch Davidian compound ...
    Air Date 10/17/1995
  • FRONTLINE -- A Class Divided
    S3 E9: A Class Divided
    One day in 1968, Jane Elliott, a teacher in a small, all-white Iowa town, ...
    Air Date 3/26/1985