• American Black Journal -- Racial Bias
    Racial Bias
    We talk with two people on the front lines of educating the public about racial ...
  • American Black Journal -- Racial Attitudes Survey Results
    Racial Attitudes Survey Results
    What do residents think about the status of race relations in the metro Detroit ...
  • American Black Journal -- Focus: HOPE & New Detroit
    Focus: HOPE & New Detroit
    We talk with William Jones, the CEO of Focus: HOPE, and Shirley Stancato, ...
  • American Black Journal -- On This Day Detroit - 7/31/16
    On This Day Detroit - 7/31/16
    Ken Coleman takes a look back at important moments in Detroit's Black history.
  • American Black Journal -- Audience Q&A | Racial Attitudes
    Audience Q&A | Racial Attitudes
    Guest panelists William Jones, Kimberly Papillon, and Agustin Arbulu answer ...
  • American Black Journal -- Detroit Fly-In: Audience Questions
    Detroit Fly-In: Audience Questions
  • American Black Journal -- Carole Gist: First Black Miss USA
    S43 E15: Carole Gist: First Black Miss USA
    We kick off Black History Month with a woman who made history as the first ...
  • American Black Journal -- Kiwanis Clubs Celebrate Centennial
    S43 E14: Kiwanis Clubs Celebrate Centennial
    The first Kiwanis Club was founded by a group of businessmen in Detroit in 1915. ...
  • American Black Journal -- Emerging From Bankruptcy
    S43 E8: Emerging From Bankruptcy
    Now that the grand bargain is a done deal and Detroit is exiting bankruptcy, ...
  • American Black Journal -- Detroit Economic Growth Corporation
    S43 E6: Detroit Economic Growth Corporation
    The new President of the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation joins us to discuss ...
  • American Black Journal -- Domestic Violence & The NFL
    S43 E1: Domestic Violence & The NFL
    The recent case involving pro football player Ray Rice has put domestic violence ...
  • American Black Journal -- Detroit Jazz Festival
    S42 E36: Detroit Jazz Festival
    Cornell Batie, Sharon Banks, and Chris Collins of the Detroit Jazz Festival join ...
  • American Black Journal -- 1964 Freedom Summer Project
    S42 E31: 1964 Freedom Summer Project
    We talk with Richard Goodman and Allen Zemmol, attorneys who went to the 1964 ...
  • American Black Journal -- On This Day Detroit
    S42 E29: On This Day Detroit
    Ken Coleman takes a look back at African-American life in Detroit: Joe Louis, ...
  • American Black Journal -- Walk to Freedom, 50 Years Later
    S41 E61: Walk to Freedom, 50 Years Later
    Stephen is joined at the desk by local Detroiter Edith Lee Payne, a participant ...
  • American Black Journal -- Arise Detroit
    S41 E61: Arise Detroit
    You can make a difference in Detroit by participating in this year's Arise ...