• Nature -- Cold Warriors: Wolves and Buffalo
    S31 E8: Cold Warriors: Wolves and Buffalo
    Wildlife filmmaker Jeff Turner captures how wolves and buffalo live together in ...
    Air Date 2/13/2013
  • Nature -- Animal Odd Couples
    S31 E3: Animal Odd Couples
    Love apparently knows no boundaries in the animal kingdom. Despite the odds, ...
    Air Date 11/7/2012
  • Nature -- Siberian Tiger Quest
    S31 E1: Siberian Tiger Quest
    Conservation ecologist Chris Morgan embarks on a challenge that will fulfill a ...
    Air Date 10/10/2012
  • Nature -- Cracking the Koala Code
    S30 E13: Cracking the Koala Code
    From the miracle of marsupial birth to tender moments of discovery between ...
    Air Date 5/15/2012
  • Nature -- Raccoon Nation
    S30 E7: Raccoon Nation
    Are the obstacles that our fast-paced urban world throws at raccoons actually ...
    Air Date 2/8/2012
  • Nature -- Audio Slideshow: A Young Nature Photographer
    Audio Slideshow: A Young Nature Photographer
    Fifteen-year-old MacKenzie Moore, daughter of nature filmmaker Shane Moore, has ...
    Air Date 1/25/2012
  • Nature -- My Life as a Turkey
    S30 E4: My Life as a Turkey
    After a local farmer left a bowl of eggs on Joe Hutto's front porch, his life ...
    Air Date 11/15/2011
  • Nature -- Jungle Eagle
    S30 E3: Jungle Eagle
    Harpy eagles are the most powerful birds of prey in the world. Standing three ...
    Air Date 11/8/2011
  • Nature -- Radioactive Wolves
    S30 E1: Radioactive Wolves
    What happens to nature after a nuclear accident? The historic nuclear accident ...
    Air Date 10/18/2011
  • Nature -- Salmon: Running the Gauntlet
    S29 E12: Salmon: Running the Gauntlet
    The parallel stories of collapsing Pacific salmon populations and how biologists ...
    Air Date 4/30/2011
  • Nature -- Birds of the Gods
    S29 E7: Birds of the Gods
    Living in the depths of the New Guinean rainforest are birds of unimaginable ...
    Air Date 1/22/2011
  • Nature -- Elsa's Legacy: The Born Free Story
    S29 E6: Elsa's Legacy: The Born Free Story
    2010 marks the 50th anniversary of the publication of "Born Free" -- the book ...
    Air Date 1/8/2011
  • Nature -- Wolverine: Chasing the Phantom
    S29 E4: Wolverine: Chasing the Phantom
    While legend paints the wolverine as a solitary, blood-thirsty killer, there is ...
    Air Date 11/13/2010
  • Nature -- Braving Iraq
    S29 E3: Braving Iraq
    In the 1990s, the Mesopotamian Marshes were virtually destroyed by Saddam ...
    Air Date 11/6/2010
  • Nature -- Echo: An Elephant to Remember
    S29 E1: Echo: An Elephant to Remember
    Echo, Africa's most famous elephant, was the subject of many films and the ...
    Air Date 10/16/2010
  • Nature -- Invasion of the Giant Pythons
    S28 E8: Invasion of the Giant Pythons
    Florida's Everglades National Park is one of the last great wildlife refuges in ...
    Air Date 2/20/2010
  • Nature -- Wild Balkans
    S28 E7: Wild Balkans
    The Balkan Peninsula is notorious for being one of the great battlegrounds of ...
    Air Date 1/30/2010
  • Nature -- Black Mamba
    S28 E3: Black Mamba
    The black mamba is one of Africa's most dangerous and feared snakes. Most ...
    Air Date 11/7/2009
  • Nature -- Cloud: Challenge of the Stallions
    S28 E1: Cloud: Challenge of the Stallions
    The returning saga of Cloud, the wild stallion, finds us back in the Arrowhead ...
    Air Date 10/24/2009
  • Nature -- Frogs: The Thin Green Line
    S27 E10: Frogs: The Thin Green Line
    It is the greatest mass extinction since the dinosaurs. Population by ...
    Air Date 4/4/2009
  • Nature -- Kilauea: Mountain of Fire
    S27 E9: Kilauea: Mountain of Fire
    Kilauea, on Hawaii's Big Island, is the world's most active volcano. Its latest ...
    Air Date 3/29/2009