• LAaRT -- Allen Leech
    Allen Leech
    Living in the fictional world of Downton Abbey means the real world has changed ...
  • LAaRT -- Hollywood Backstory
    Hollywood Backstory
    Two of the most critically acclaimed recent films, “Selma" and "Imitation ...
  • LAaRT -- Erin Gruwell
    Erin Gruwell
    Erin Gruwell shares “Stories from an Undeclared War” the real life chronicle ...
  • LAaRT -- Daniel Ho
    Daniel Ho
    Born and raised in Hawaii, musician/arranger/composer Daniel Ho embraces a world ...
  • LAaRT -- Bing Crosby Rediscovered
    Bing Crosby Rediscovered
    Allowed unprecedented access to his personal and professional archives, ...
  • LAaRT -- Music Center
    Music Center
    Home to four world class resident companies, the Music Center has served as a ...
  • LAaRT -- Mia Slavenska
    Mia Slavenska
    Mia Slavenska was one of the most celebrated ballerinas of the 20th century and ...
  • LAaRT -- Jail Guitar Doors
    Jail Guitar Doors
    A tough time behind bars inspired musician Wayne Kramer to offer inmates guitars ...
  • LAaRT -- Voices of LA Festival
    Voices of LA Festival
    Celebrating individual heritage while breaking down barriers, the Voices of LA ...
  • LAaRT -- Final Cut King
    Final Cut King
    From on-line tutorials to on-line sensation, Zach King carved out a digital ...
  • LAaRT -- Mandi Anderson
    Mandi Anderson
    Mandi Anderson’s love for music opened up a world she and her family never ...
  • LAaRT -- Skid Row Karaoke
    Skid Row Karaoke
    The tough times of living life on Los Angeles’ Skid Row lighten a bit with a ...
  • LAaRT -- The Nance
    The Nance
    Multi-talented actor Nathan Lane sits down with remarkable playwright Douglas ...
  • LAaRT -- Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
    Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
    The art of revealing the threads that tie us all together offers surprises and ...
  • LAaRT -- "Sherlock" Creative Team Red Carpet Interview
    "Sherlock" Creative Team Red Carpet Interview
    A bit of fun with the creative team behind the Masterpiece series "Sherlock" on ...
  • LAaRT -- Guitar Foundation of America
    Guitar Foundation of America
    The classical guitar may look familiar but lives in a world of its own. ...
  • LAaRT -- Greg MacGillivray
    Greg MacGillivray
    Filmmaker Greg McGillivray and his team travel the world to bring audiences on ...
  • LAaRT -- Chuck Jones
    Chuck Jones
    Marion Jones--wife of late cartoonist Chuck Jones-- takes us behind the scenes ...
  • LAaRT -- Marty Sklar
    Marty Sklar
    Long time Disney Imagineer and current Disney Legend Marty Sklar talks about ...
  • LAaRT -- Art Alexakis, Los Angeles College of Music
    Art Alexakis, Los Angeles College of Music
    Rock icon Art Alexakis, Grammy-nominated lead singer, guitarist and songwriter ...
  • LAaRT -- Frida Kahlo
    Frida Kahlo
    Maria Hall-Brown speaks with Hilda Trujillo Soto the Director of Museo Frida ...